Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4

With the next-generation of consoles releasing soon the internet is flaring with comments criticizing and praising both Microsoft and Sony for their new devices. Who do you think will win the next console war?

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icecoldfire1970d ago

PlayStation 4 WINS

chestnut11221969d ago

Playstation 4 and Wii U for the Win :)

Hydrolex1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Wii u for the win ?

Sweetie I think you got it wrong

1. PS4
2. Xbox 1
3. Wii u

Sony is undefeated ! Dominated last gen too (ps3) , not talking sales, talking games

Hydrolex1969d ago

I do not consider wii u a next gen machine, I laugh when I compare wii u specs to ps4 lol

rainslacker1969d ago

For someone who claims it's about the games, you sure do seem to be concerned about the specs.

One4U1969d ago

Live in your world , Play in ours ! - PS2

hunggago1969d ago

Well if Xbox doesn't impress after E3, their only way to win is if they changed the spelling to their console to Xbox "won" instead of "one". Lol.

demonsoul1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )


Current gen

3 X Box 360

Next gen

PS4 vs Wii U for sure to battle for the 1st spot.

XBOX one looks kinda screwed up.

You ain't got no respect for Nintendo's Accomplishment?

Edit: A gaming Console is not all about specs. It all about coming from the root word "Games". Wii U is definitely a next gen machine for Nintendo. Nintendo has the Games at it's hand for it to be able to compete these generation.

Hydrolex1969d ago

Absolutely not ! The hardware in wii u is outdated

insomnium21969d ago

Current gen will end up at PS3 at the top spot. Then Wii and then x360.

This should be common knowledge by now.

stage881969d ago


Come on, we've been through this

demonsoul1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )


We are not talking about the specs Generally if we are talking about the console wars..
You're hard to please. Oh well.

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LegacyEtheRBOLO1970d ago

too early to call as of right now

ziggurcat1969d ago

games aside, the PS4 is the clear winner, really... and based on what sony's currently putting out, and what they've put out in the past, their exclusive titles are going to be phenomenal.

it has more powerful specs, no restrictive policies, the ability to be played entirely offline, an optional camera peripheral that doesn't require you to have connected just to be able to use the system...

Hydrolex1969d ago

Too early ?

Are you waiting for Micorosft to change the hardware ? Lol it all comes down to hardware and ps4 is a stronger machine = better games, better performance, I'd say more exclusives too

AmayaAi1969d ago

Someone still believes Xbox One will make it in the end :P

DivineAssault 1969d ago

The dual shock 4 is a much better looking controller to me.. Has more features too.. The console is strictly for gaming with a splash of media which is exactly what i want.. Best possible graphics for a console, many great exclusive AAA & indie games, free online multiplayer, & its going to have some bad ass vita functionality.. No way in hell i would miss out on getting this..

Ill buy xbox one later on after it gets a lot of exclusive games that dont have guns in em & if its cheap enough.. My main console wont be reliant on the internet & have to waste storage fully installing every damn game i get.. Thats what makes me not even want the thing.. It NEEDS kinect too so if i wanted to take it to my girls house (who doesnt have internet) it wouldnt even work & i would have to lug around that camera just to get it running.. Thats BS but whatever.. M$ brought this upon themselves by trying to control everything & milk every cent they can.. Not doing it unless i want exclusive games from a 3rd console later down the line

MASTER_RAIDEN1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

what i dont understand about gamers from either side is why theyre ASSUMING the ps4 will be light on the media side of things just because the xbone was so heavy on it during its presentation?
when the 360 came out with things like netflix and hulu, ps3 was close to follow. theyve got an entire movie rental/download library consisting of thousands upon thousands of titles on the ps3 ALONE! its great to see that the xbone is snatching up exclusive rights like NFL media and stuff, but how do ANY of you know the ps4 is all about games? im pretty darn sure it will have loads upon LOADS of media hub features that they havent really bothered to discuss at the moment.

its a really foolish idea to divide the two machines, saying that one is a "media hub and the others a game console". im sure the ps4 has an abundance of media features they thought wouldnt be important enough to display during a console unavailing. same goes for xbone and its games library.

panbit861969d ago

The problem here isn't what a console can do or what services it will have but whether the company is focusing too much on things that people just don't seem to be very interested in! For example, when we see MS spending so much money and time on TV shows, TV apps, TV games etc and tries to shove Kinect down everyones throat by making it mandatory and involved EVRYWHERE... well, it just goes to show that as a product it has serious identity crisis!

waltercross1969d ago

I'm sure the PS4 has some media capabilities Like Hulu, Netflix, Blu-Ray and big on the Social part to like Facebook and youtube(But primarily focused around gaming, Sony themselves said this).

The PS4 comes off as a Gaming console with Social and Media capabilities whereas XBO Came off as a TV Media hub first, gaming Console Second.

Noway can the XBO compete with Sony in games while at the same time being Less powerful and so many TV Cable Kinect options. It's Absurd to think XBO can compete with sony in games.

leogets1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

is it me or am I the only one that thinks getting ea deals like ms has was the dumbest move ever to try n sell ya console. the worst company in america for 2 years running.

ziratul1969d ago

Wii U, flawless victory

PigPen1969d ago

I can agree with Nintendo being number 1, but a flawless victory common. HaHaHa


damn. ziratul shuttin' us all down.

lnvisibleMan1969d ago

No it got competition from PS4 and Sega Nomad

waltercross1969d ago

The Wii U can barely walk....Where is it on Amazon's Bestseller? It's not even in the top 100. It's doing far worse than the Wii did.

I think It'll be

3.Wii U

Yes I think XBO Will do better than Wii U. There are many people who will buy the XBO Primarily for it's TV/Cable capabilities.

ziratul1969d ago

Just wait. Nintendo against all odds always win.

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theDECAY1969d ago

This article screams Xbox fanboy.

"Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller is the best gamepad available today and improving on that model isn’t easy."

This is stated as fact? I'm not sure everyone would agree.

MasterCornholio1969d ago

And no one had a very long gaming session with either the PS4 or the XBOX1 controller which is why i dont see how the press comes to these conclusions.

However both controllers appear to contain improvements over their predecessor especially the DS4 controller which has changed a lot.

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