Gaming Age: Need for Speed: Pro Street Review

Gaming Age writes: "Even though it's arriving a bit later than it's console brethren, Need for Speed Pro Street on the PSP could have shown quite a bit of promise. Unfortunately the end result is a chore to even play through, and your hardcore racing fiends will have a hard time finding anything to keep their interest here.

However, with all of the glam and style of the console Pro Street titles muted down for the PSP release, something is definitely lost in translation. PSP Pro Street feels like the neglected child of the family, with a bland menu design, sub par music selection, and some downgraded vehicle options that just leave everything feeling incredibly bland. For instance, you can't even manipulate on car decals, only window stickers, paint color and tint. The options you do have are pretty limited, and the car selection is mediocre. Also, you start off with two vehicles only, and are forced to buy just one to use."

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hotrider123859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

prostreet was a waist of time being made. Im sure all can agree with me saying this game SUCKS!!!!!
how about an article on the up coming 08 need for speed for ps3
then we gamers can give a good review or debate on it.