Why PS4's Remote Play Requirements Represent a Lesson Learned

Push Square: "You should always be cautious when Sony reveals an exciting new feature. While the platform holder is never short on ideas, it regularly drops the ball on interesting initiatives. Take the Eye Toy: the PlayStation 2 peripheral could be seen as a precursor for the phenomenal success of both the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 Kinect, but instead of doubling down on the idea, the Japanese giant simply cast it aside at the start of the current generation. Yes, the company continued to experiment with camera-based technologies and motion controls, but never on the same scale as its competitors. And it lost a lot of headway in the market that it had helped to pioneer as a result."

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GalacticEmpire1966d ago

It seems a lot of the exciting aspects of PS4 are a direct response to criticisms of PS3 and shows just how in touch Sony are with the industry and their fans.

I believe they will show this mutual respect and willingness to listen to gamers once more in the next few weeks/months by heeding fans requests on twitter to NOT have any kind of anti-consumer used game policies or evil DRM.

CommonSenseGamer1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

I agree, even if it takes a while as remote play was a feature that helped sell the original PSP and look how that turned out.

I still don't understand why its a selling point mind as there is no way I would want to dilute a 1080p gaming experience on a 50" display by playing on a handheld.

nukeitall1966d ago

I see Sony learned a lot from MS this time around, and no longer sees the Xbox 360 as an Xbox 1.5 or a copy of PS2.

That is a good thing!

yewles11966d ago

Not every Wii U game has Off-TV play, does that mean Nintendo isn't learning?


porkChop1966d ago

Yeah, actually it does. It's becoming increasingly obvious each year that if your console has a cool feature and you don't make it mandatory, hardly anyone will use it.

It happened with Kinect, voice control, Move, Off-TV Play, Remote Play, Custom Soundtracks, the screenshot feature on PS3, Sixaxis, etc. A few big games used each of those features, some smaller indie games too. But for the most part, developers haven't really utilized any of them.

If you have a good feature you need to make it mandatory. Especially when it comes to Off-TV Play which was one of the main selling point of the console. Not making that mandatory was a horrible decision.

Skate-AK1966d ago

I liked the screenshot feature in 3D Dot Game Heroes. That wasn't even a big game and it supported it. Sadly like you said, the support died off.

DarkBlood1966d ago

well that would be because they obviously dont want too, why would you want a feature a developer may not want to put thier heart into?

hesido1966d ago

For games that support local multiplayer, multiple player login support on Xbox is mandatory. A game has to use the player login system of the Xbox. Sony made local multiplayer login possible later on (although like a hack), but didn't make it mandatory. What we had was even games like Castle Crashers or even COD didn't even care to allow it (they do on the Xbox)

hesido1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )


I don't know about the Off-TV Play feature's specs, how much does it use Wii U's computational power, or how hard it is to implement.

But in the remote play case on the PS4, it comes for free, as in when you are using the feature, the game will still have the same resources. Devs do not have to put their hearts into it, just make sure things do not break when using the Vita, like a PS Eye only action to pass a certain part of the game if the game is not labelled as PS EYE only, or the game doesn't ask for a controller to be turned on when you are playing with Vita and your DS4 turns itself off for battery saving etc.

It's only trivial for devs to go through a checklist for this. But if they didn't make it mandatory, you'd have games asking for the DS4 to be turned on etc., all those stuff that would make remote play useless. Now Devs have a guideline to follow.

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sincitysir11966d ago

Hopefully this requirement doesn't deter some developers!

hesido1966d ago

No, it won't deter anyone, please see my comment with two lit bubbles.

MasterCornholio1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

From what i understand Sony has a chip developed by Gaikai which will handle all the PS4s remote play and cross controller capabilitys so in reality developers dont have to do much in order to get the feature working on the system. However if developers want to use the Vitas touchscreen capabilitys and rear track pad they will have to do a little bit of extra work with the game.

What i would love to see is all multiplats between the Wii U and the PS4 contain the same control features. What i mean by this is if there is a game that utilizes the Wii Us tablet controller the Vita should be able to replicate the same control scheme. That way i can enjoy games with a tablet controller without buying a Wii U and thus saving me money for more games in the future.

Im sorry if i offended anyone with my comment but what i said is true.

bobacdigital1966d ago

Has anyone used the Vita cross play or remote play and what was the performance like?

Pretty much every video I come across has the same input. It doesnt work with most games and when it does work it is pretty laggy and or choppy.

NukaCola1966d ago

I am not sure how the system actually works but I thought Remote play tried to connect through your network. I think this form of cross play is directly connected by bluetooth, but I am not sure. I do hope they implement it well. I used it for the internet since Vita couldn't watch online vidoes and also for PS one games. I should try it with SOTC/ICO sometime.

BeZdaBest1966d ago

honestly not that great with the ps3..but with the ps4 i expecting alot better things..

DivineAssault 1966d ago

Im wondering if devs will be able to stream different game content like maps/inventory settings to the vita durning gameplay on the TV.. This is going to be a very interesting generation.. I how gaming will evolve this time around.. The memory limits on current gen held these consoles back from growing further but it seems like theres much more room for them to grow this time around.. Cloud gaming? Crazy cool UIs? I cant wait to get started w PS4 & see where it goes next.. Especially being designed with vita in mind

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