Xbox One: The Questions We Want Answered

E3 is just around the conrer and that means Microsoft has promised us gamers some answers after the confusing and less than impressive Xbox One reveal. With that being said we are asking ourselves, what questions is Microsoft actually going to answer at their net big conference that is less than 2 weeks away. The problem Xbox One is facing manly deals with the neglect to gamers; a saddening thing considering that fans are what made them successful. So as we sit here and anxiously await some more big news from the company we have made a list of the endless questions the company needs to answer in order to sway some positive energy their way.

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TheSuperior 1972d ago

Will E3 really be all you need to convince me that the Xbox one is the real deal for gamers?

Dlacy13g1972d ago

I would like to think all questions will be answered at E3 but I am going to be a realist and say, I doubt all questions are answered ...just like Sony wont lay "everything" out on the table at E3. Either the exact launch dates or price will most likely still be un-answered after E3.

Why o why1972d ago

Both have questions to answer, no doubt, its just one has a lot more to answer than the other. I need not say any names

Anon19741972d ago

I think prior to E3, Microsoft needs to address issues regarding used game fees, how rentals will work, how resale is going to work, etc. Waiting until E3 to address this matter will only dilute Microsoft's E3 message as the storm of controversy continues to swirl. If they dealt with it now it would allow things to settle down so they can control the message at E3.

They obviously have the answer. The only reason I can think they haven't clarified this matter yet is because they think it'll add fuel to the fire, and that's not a good sign.

Dlacy13g1972d ago

part of me wonders if the used game stuff in particular actually still hasn't been settled on with the used game partners and thus why they cant specifically say how it will work for sure.

Anon19741972d ago

@Dlacy13g. It's possibly, but that's cutting it awfully close if they plan on launching this year. You think that's something they would have worked out well in advance.

LackTrue4K1972d ago

Xbox only owers warcry!!

"Wait for E3!!!"


AllroundGamer1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

WHY?! (i have just this ONE question...)

guitarded771972d ago

That's what I was gonna ask... :D

skydragoonity1972d ago

Missed the days when gaming was so simple, insert game-load-play. Why does everything have to be so complicated now? Ps4 for me all the way.

Jakens1972d ago

What if my face changes for whatever reason? (age, burns, ect.)
What other ways can my profile know me?
Where is my privacy?
Why can't I remove the HDD?
When I'm with a friend with my game, does Kinect need to see me?
Does he need LIVE as well?
Could my friend have access to my saved game and therefor mess up my stats?
Could I lend out a game for a 24 hour period without myself being present and without a fee for my friend?
Can I be signed in at home if my friend is signed into my profile?
What if I didn't give my friend access to my profile, could he play without a fee?
Can I have two profiles for the same person?
Can my family be a family of 12 with only one Gold account?
What happens after 24 hours of my friend having my profile logged in?
Will my friend need me there once again with internet access to sign him into my profile?
Is there a limit to the lending a game?
Is there a fee after a 24 hour period of lending a game to my friend?
Can I play any of my games at home if my friend has my profile logged in?
Will my friend be kicked off my profile once I sign into my profile at home?
Can't I just make a fake profile to get around this?
Can I get around having my profile in one or two places at once?
Can I lend out two games to two different friend and still play my game at home?
Does MS believe this will earn them more money?
What is Sony's stance on all of this DRM?
Is MS competing with Sony?
Can I still sell a game on Amazon for more than $5?
Can I still buy a game on Amazon for $5?
How much does Kinect cost by itself if it sells by itself?
Can't my current Kinect work with the new box?
Can I bring my Kinect to hook up to my friend's box?
What warranty comes with my box or Kinect sensor?
Will Kinect sell by itself if my Kinect breaks?

Jakens1972d ago

Is the Kinect serial number tied to my Xbox serial number? That would mean that I can't use the new Kinect until I hook it up to internet, the box and profile.
Will I be able to send in my Kinect to MS for any repairs?
How much will Kinect repairs cost?
Who decides when the price of an older game will drop to the $20 level?
Will a used game have to be deregistered to work in a second Xbox?
Can only MS decide who dose this?
What happens if a game was never deregistered?
Can I deregister my game myself?
How many consoles dose MS plan on bricking this gen?
What would brick the system?
Will I need internet to first pop in any new game I get?
Will I need to be a LIVE member?
Will all single player games work without internet forever after I register the game to the box and profile?
Can I move the game owner to be over to my brother on the same Xbox but a different profile so he is the owner now?
Do single player games still need internet checks every 24 hours or once a month or never again after first install?
Do first party single player games or any games require a LIVE account?
Is it a set time daily that I must have the internet check in?
Will the check in be 24 hours from my last check in?
Will my single player games still work in 15 years or 20 years?
Will my multiplayer games still work in 15 years or 20 years?
What if there is an earthquake in my area that cuts internet?
Can I get a type of code for that?
What if my brother deploys with the Army and doesn't have internet overseas?
Can he get a type of code for that?
What good will Kinect do for those bound to a wheelchair?
What if the MS servers go down for a month?
When if ever will MS servers be shut down for good?
Will MS give us notices of server maintenance?
Can I play my game on the day of server maintenance?
Can I still play single player and multiplayer if the Developer that made a great game goes out of business?
Will my system even turn on without internet?
Will my single player game work forever if I only use the internet once to lock it to my profile?
Will my games really be enhanced by having internet connected?
Can MS prove that my game will be enhanced?
Can MS first party game's single player campaign work without internet?
Will I be required to check in for some games or for all games?
Is a 24 hour limit without internet for all of the games or only the online parts of the game?
What are the plans for some form of backwards compatibility?
What are your plans for allowing my 360 to work in ten years without internet or a LIVE account?
Do I need a live account to even play my games?
Will you have another system after this one?
Will this console still focus on games in 6 years?
Does MS know that people are moving away from Cable boxes?
Will I ever need in insert my disk into the console again for any reason?
What reasons would I have to insert my disk more than once?
What happens to my games after I decide to cancel LIVE?
What other types of world control is MS planning?
Will the LIVE price increase in the near future?
I want to know why MS is being a dick?
Why do I have so many questions?

Jakens1972d ago

Is it now easier to game on PCs now than consoles?

icecoldfire1972d ago

Your posts are too long and that is a bad thing.

Dlacy13g1972d ago

@jakens...simple answer. NOPE

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