Sniper Elite V2 (Wii U) Review (Vooks)

"Any of you who follow the podcast will know how I feel about third party efforts on the Wii U. On one hand, I feel like we shouldn’t really be that picky with what comes to the console as there is a dire shortage of games right now. On the other hand, I feel like that if you’re going to even bother putting a product out it should at least be comparable to anything you’d put out on another system. I think in the early stages of a console’s lifecycle it could be fair to forego poorer graphics as it’s a time for developers to find their footing. But when a sizeable chunk of the game is removed, that’s when things get problematic. Sniper Elite V2 is a twelve month late port to the Wii U and it’s missing a lot, unfortunately. But despite this – is it worth your time?", writes Vooks.

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Neonridr2021d ago

They really missed the boat on a great opportunity to utilize the gamepad as your sniping scope while the TV showed your character crouching in his position so you could still see anyone sneaking up on you.

ZombiU did a great job with their sniper rifle, so I don't see any excuse why it was not implemented here.

Games like these are not what the Wii U needs right now. Fortunately summer is coming, which means Pikmin and Wonderful 101 are not too far away. Thank god for the VC and Super Metroid.

LOL_WUT2021d ago

Another shoddy port? I'm not surprised ;)

jcnba282021d ago

Wii U owners don't buy this game, they don't deserve your money. Wait for the bargain bin price if you really want it.

PigPen2021d ago

Not my type of game anyway. To say cause of 3rd party support, we really shouldn't be that picky with what comes to the console is wrong. We spend our money on games, we should be very picky. How you feel is your opinion and not ours.

MilkMan2021d ago

Let me tell you, I was hoping this would be the definitive version (as the dev said) All the DLC, and coop, better graphics and intelligent gamepad usage. What we got was crap and they removed the swastikas, exactly why did they do that?

Neonridr2020d ago

remember Wolfenstein 3D on the SNES?

MilkMan2020d ago

Yeah! Now that you mention it. I forgot about that. :(

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