Ubisoft Reveals E3 Lineup

This E3 is going to be huge. Not only will there be more info on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but Ubisoft’s got a terrific lineup of top-tier games on display. (If you’re attending E3, be sure to head over to booth #1023 in the South Hall to check it all out.)

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sherimae24132021d ago

since you also bring rayman legends to the vita..
ill buy it day one! ^_^

and i know you still have more vita-goodness up your sleeve, ubisoft
ill wait for it at E3 ^_^

showtimefolks2021d ago

here is what i want to find out more about

watch dogs
rainbow six patriots
maybe next POP?
what about beyond 2 souls?

UBI last year stole the show after having so many mediocre conferences, because they showed a new IP in watch dogs which was running on a high end PC so every assumed it was for next gen consoles

now many companies will be showing new IP's so its gonna be hard to top last years conference

who do y'all think will have the most attention on them company wise? i say its sony/ps4 just cause we haven't seen the actual box and know not a lot of other features which MS showed for better or worst on may 21st

ceballos77mx2021d ago

Did you mean beyond good and evil 2, because 2 souls is quantic dream?

showtimefolks2021d ago


lol beyond 2 souls is one of my most awaited games so its in my mind

yes i meant beyond good and evil 2

i do hope we see more of beyond 2 souls at sony's event

irepbtown2021d ago

Watchdogs and Rainbow Six Patriots.

Would love to know more about Patriots and Ubisoft will hopefully be kind enough to show us some footage of that and more of Watchdogs.

ZBlacktt2021d ago

Watch Dogs for sure with some AC Blackflag next is what I want to see.

guitarded772021d ago

Yeah, Watch Dogs is tops for me from Ubi. I'm glad to see how far they've come us a pub/dev. They have a strong list of games to show, and hopefully a couple of surprises.

MattMawko2021d ago

I hope Mr.Caffeine comes back. Yes he was a tool but somewhat made the conference more enjoyable.

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pr0t0typeknuckles2021d ago

Yeah,i agree he was so bad he was hilarious.

FlyGuyHung2021d ago

After their conference knocked it out of the park last year I doubt they'll bring him back. Also given that it's the start of a new generation I think every bit of time they have will be used to showcase what innovations they will bring to next gen as developers. Maybe he'll be back 2014. lol

e-p-ayeaH2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I want the guy that played Vaas(FC3) to host the show.

Xenomorph2021d ago

Then get him to introduce the next call of duty. "You know what the definition of insanity is?"

MajorLazer2020d ago

I loved Mr. Caffeine. That guy was hilarious xD

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PigPen2021d ago

Will be nothing short of amazing!

pr0t0typeknuckles2021d ago

All I want is beyond good and evil 2 and prince of Persia,we havnt seen a good pop game since 2008.

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The story is too old to be commented.