'Call of Duty: Ghosts' on current generation 'best looking to date'

Call of Duty: Ghosts's current generation versions will see the same features as on next-generation consoles, Activision has said.

Vice president of production Daniel Suarez said that while the shooter is being developed specifically with next-generation systems in mind, visuals and features will "port down" to Xbox 360 and PS3.

"I can't talk specific differences, but I will say from a general standpoint, we're going to be making the game for next-gen and bringing it down for the current generation," he told Digital Spy.

"The current generation [version] will look better than any current generation version we've done to date.

"There are things that we're doing on next gen that will port down, or at least work on current generation that weren't done before."

Suarez continued: "But the priority right now is delivering the best next gen game we've ever done. I think you'll see that, from our perspective, we're going to deliver the most stunning Call of Duty game.

"The experiences you're going to have from a visual standpoint, a gameplay standpoint, are all going to come over to the current gen, but they're just going to be that much more better next gen."

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I just hope the current generation can handle their next-gen AI.


xHeavYx1972d ago

Same promise they always make, and they always end up delivering the same POS game

LAZL0-Panaflex1972d ago

Their consistent sales show otherwise.

xHeavYx1972d ago

I don't see how sales = quality. According to your logic, Justin Bieber is a quality singer

TheGOODKyle1972d ago

All I got from this was they're using the same engine with just fancier effects and it's just going to be the same CoD everyone knows and loves /s

Infamouskat1972d ago

BF3 looks better, and that's from 2011...

Nitrowolf21972d ago

That title makes it sound like he means the best looking game to release this gen. He said
"The current generation [version] will look better than any current generation version we've done to date."

Which is true, I think?

gedden71972d ago

How is this labeled as "NEWS" Same engine = SAME OL LAGGY MULTIPLAYER....


gedden71971d ago

Yes kinda... The engine runs through the net code, But thats really lag comp. Lag comp is used in EVERY game. The engine is the problem here. The game itself lags. You can be off line and the camera and hit detection is screwy...

Its the engine...

PurpHerbison1971d ago

So every thing is just bad across the board then.

dazzrazz1972d ago

2 bad they didn't mention every year they keep adding those pointless tiny upgrades to outdated technology native resolution drops significantly to keep those lousy 60 frames. BO2 ran @ 880x720 native PS3 even lower, wondering if this year copy and paste will hit the new low

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The story is too old to be commented.