NZGamer: N+ Review

NZGamer writes: "There are platform games and then there are platform games. The sheer variety in the genre, particularly since Mario 64 showed the game could be done in 3D, has been mindblowing and a real joy to behold for those of us that like tricky jumps and collecting things. Recently, very few games have concentrated purely on the gameplay side of things, opting instead to spend a good amount of time on things like "graphics" - an understandable conceit perhaps, particularly as we move to the new generation of consoles.

So when something as basic looking as N+ comes along (let's face it, this game wouldn't tax a Gameboy Advance), that it polarizes audiences so markedly into two camps ("eww ugly, no thanks!" and "it's all about the gameplay folks!") should be no surprise. Chances are that if you're reading this, you're in the latter camp - there's no real chance of converting those former folks, they're too turned off to get this far, so we'll sum up the graphics very briefly then move on: they're functional, your tiny little dude actually has lots of character and they don't ever get in the way of the action. But they aren't going to get a high score."

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