Shuhei Yoshida Confirms all PS4 Games Will be Remote Playable on PlayStation Vita

So far when it comes to Remote Play between the PS4 and PS Vita, we found out on February 20th that it would happen, with the official PlayStation website stating that we can play our “favorite” PS4 games on the Vita.

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Sev2021d ago

Agreed. It makes the PS Vita instantly more valuable.

aCasualGamer2021d ago

So, PS4 does everything Xbox One does minus the "Xbox watch TV" BS and all the things Wii U does... plus they have never been this games focused since PS1. I'm failing to understand the logic behind the "Xbox one has already won next gen" articles.

*Scratches head*

2021d ago
3-4-52021d ago

Yea. Pretty much you buy a Vita and you have PS4 anywhere in your house...if that is how it works..maybe it doesn't...

It's not as good as original games for the 3DS or Vita, but the 3DS also can't play Wii U games yet so it does give it an advantage.

3 years from now having both a 3DS + Vita could be epic.

starchild2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

If this works decently well this time and can even work over the internet from any wi-fi connection, this will be an absolutely HUGE advantage for both the PS4 and Vita.

Imagine being able to play high quality console games on a handheld wherever you are that has internet access. It's like a freaking dream. I have wanted something like this forever. Let's hope it actually works well this time.

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IMightBeRetarded2021d ago

Well, I guess it's time to buy a vita.

RankFTW2021d ago

It was time to buy a Vita months ago.

jaredhart2021d ago

Can't say how happy this makes me as a Vita owner!

coolmast3r2021d ago

Deep Down on Vita while taking a dump - MOTHER OF GOD. Amazing.

Pintheshadows2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

If SoE makes an mmo for PS4 i'm hoping i'll be able to do raids on the toilet.

No more worries about toilet interrupting a play session.

porkChop2021d ago

That's gonna be the most epic shit I'll ever take in my life.

Snookies122021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Please for the love of god... Make a PS4 version of GTA V...

Snookies122021d ago

Either way, I'd be very happy lol.

knifefight2021d ago

Whoa. If this claim holds up, that's impressive. Hopefully some cool stuff comes of it.

Arai2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

It holds up as Vita and PS4 development started almost at the same time.
So it's no surprise that we will see them working in tandem.

Snookies122021d ago

Yep, not to mention Remote Play is built into the PS4 this time.

rainslacker2021d ago

It'll hold up. It's built into the system, and Sony requires publishers to support it.

Wedge192021d ago

Impressive. Let's see the Vita sales rise.

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