Rumour: Retro's Wii U Title Is An Entirely New IP

NL: ''IGN starts the hype

Retro Studios is one of Nintendo's most valuable assets right now, having delivered smash hits in the form of the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Donkey Kong Country Returns. We all know that the company is working on something for the Wii U, and we'll no doubt see what that is at this year's E3. However, no one seems to know exactly what Retro has in development — rumours are circulating that it's another Metroid, a fresh take on a different Nintendo franchise or something completely fresh and new.

That final guess has been given a bit more weight by IGN. During a Super Metroid video, it was mentioned that Retro is working on a brand new title. Check out the video below around the 24 minute mark to hear the comment.''

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Moonman2939d ago

I would welcome anything from Retro honestly. With them playing one of the coolest games ever, it's hard not to want Metroid from Retro. But needless to say, I'd be extremely interested! :)

from the beach2939d ago

So true! I'd be very happy to see another DKCR..

PigPen2939d ago

And that rumor is very old.

2939d ago
Starbucks_Fan2939d ago

what the hell are those things in the pic?

doctorstrange2939d ago

That's a picture of some penguins I took a year ago, I am very confused as to why they're there...

Jadedz2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

I just google searched; ''new IP,'' and saw this image (it's pretty adorable. Cool pic! :P).

doctorstrange2939d ago

Haha, no worries, just made me double take. Glad you like it :)

swice2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

The new breed of Metroid with a YouTube play button installed

swice2939d ago

Eh....I was looking at the wrong picture...

yugovega2939d ago

wouldn't it be something if retro put out a cod clone. I think I would give up all hope in gaming. now a new ip that is darker thenwhat we are use to from Nintendo would be a nice surprise if done right. but i'm expecting starfox.

swice2939d ago

Didn't I read somewhere that Retro is working on something that everyone has wanted for a long time? How could this be a new IP?

CryingFreeman872939d ago

Because everyone has wanted a new IP from Nintendo for a long time! Maybe that's what they meant?

swice2939d ago

Guess we'll have to wait and see...

PopRocks3592939d ago

Not sure that was what they meant at the time, but not entirely inaccurate I suppose. Man, this is quite a mystery.

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