GameSpot’s Battle of Next Gen updated with votes – PS4 support is overwhelming

GameSpot’s neat next-gen twitter war site has until now been lacking one rather important feature. The actual number of supporters for each console. As you can see on the world map below the PS4 has taken an overwhelming lead over Xbox One so far. PS4 is ahead with 89% and over 16,563 votes compared to Xbox One with 11% and 2,151 votes. Worth noting is the surprisingly low support for the Xbox One even in the United States.

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Majin-vegeta2061d ago

People buy a console to play games.Not watch tv etc....

sengoku2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

man does M$ have a lot of making up to do before release.
E3 is there last big shot at it so they better step up or accept they will have a slow start.

Personally though i'm getting PS4..
theres no way that i will be buy that evil looking kinect

ABizzel12061d ago

While this seems like a huge boost in Sony's favor you have to realize under 17,000 people have voted.

The PS360 both have 77+ million users. That's 0.01% of their combined total audiences so it doesn't hold much weight in the grand scale.

But what it does say is that core gamers are pissed at MS, and if they don't impress at E3 then their moving to another platform.

SHORYUKEN2061d ago


Wait till E3 and you will see more reveal of the next gen TV apps can do.

rainslacker2061d ago


Yeah, but that's how surveys work. However the numbers should be taken with a grain of salt. This isn't a blind survey so the people voting are those actually interested, and likely aware, of the issue.

Given the controversy right now, these numbers seem to be about on par with the balance of comments. It says nothing about the general consumer interest.

Not saying X1 will have huge sales, or that it'll fail, but some consideration should be given into how the data was collected.

DragonKnight2061d ago

@ABizzel1: Nielson use about 2000 people for when they do surveys so you're looking at 8 times the numbers here. Everyone says 2000 people is an accurate number for Nielson to use to judge consumer habits, why not 17000 for gamespot?

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fermcr2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

I'm curious about X1's games at E3.

Ju2061d ago

Unappropriated comment, sorry...xboner. LOL

Darrius Cole2061d ago

If the early adopters choose the PS4 over the Xbone at the rate shown in the admittedly non-scientific online polls, then after the first year of sales the install bases will be close to 9 million PS4 vs. 1 million Xbone's. Numbers that lop-side will affect developer support. If they stay that lop-sided then we will start to see 3rd party exclusives on again on PS4.

Retroman2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )


never personally bought a xbox,360 now x1 never will.
after SNES,Dreamcast .... playstation is the way to go PS1,PS2,PS3,PS4,PS5,PS6 etc.........

PANTHER10302061d ago

LOL ! Funny link

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DragonKnight2061d ago

I never get tired of that Highlights video. It's hilarious.

Artificial_Ignorance2060d ago

Agreed. Not only that, I just don't get Xbox One, and why people would buy it... always online, pay subscription multiplayer, kinect mandatory, must pay a fee to play used games, less powerful system... regardless of the retarded name and the VHS-looking box, and even if they bring a few new exclusives in, consumers are stupid if they buy that thing.

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mediate-this2061d ago

I concur, also people buy gimmicky products also.

DiRtY2061d ago

Internet hype is not real world hype.
Sony always has the most vocal fans.

According to them games like Starhawk, Twisted Metal or PSABR were huge. In the real world nobody even cared about them.

VonBraunschweigg2061d ago

Starhawk still is mad fun online, different and very spectacular. One year later the game has a small but dedicated fanbase that's fun to play with. I remember when I bought it last year in May on launchday, one copy on the bottomshelve next to a wall of Black Ops 2 that wasn't even out for a couple of months.

A game doesn't need to sell millions and have 100k online every day to be good. Try it to see what you've missed, the MP is cheap on PSN and far better than your avareage MP game.

DiRtY2061d ago

Okay, so you liked Starhawk. That is great for you, but it does not add anything to the discussion about online hype =/= real world hype.

VonBraunschweigg2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

I don't care about hype, and nobody hyped Starhawk, not in the real world, not here. Sony didn't advertise it, websites didn't pay a lot of attention. There was no hype, and nobody ever said Starhawk was huge.

But when you see 32 players in action on the ground & in the air with everything blasting & exploding without a hickup, and than compare it to your average CoD game, you know it's something special and that all that hype about games, online and in the real world, doesn't mean shit.
I don't know if this all adds to the discussion, sure hope it does.

SuperLupe2061d ago

"According to them games like Starhawk, Twisted Metal or PSABR were huge. In the real world nobody even cared about them"

Huge on N4G* fixed.

In the real world I do not know anybody who were looking forward to them.

Gridloc2061d ago

So all those AAA Kinect games were better right?

T22061d ago

twisted metal 2 on PS1 was epic... If you didn't play 4 player split-screen battles on twisted metal 2 , you either were busy taking flute lessons or you didn't have any actual friends.

Parapraxis2061d ago

@joecanada SuperLupe above, they were probably 2yrs old when TM2 came out.
He's clearly just a kid now.

T22061d ago

Haha ok I apologize to those who werent born when twisted metal 2 was awesome

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Skips2061d ago (Edited 2061d ago )

So your comparing low budgeted games that practically had NO marketing whatsoever to the PS4???

LMFAO! Xbox fanboys are so desperate!!! It's getting really pathetic at this point...

If you're trying to say PS4 hype isn't as big as it seems than I guess Xbox One hype is downright nonexistent. XD

Just ... LMFAO @ you trying to downplay the relevancy of Twitter and Youtube!

Two of the most heavily trafficked sites ever created. XD

iceman062061d ago

The games that you named happened to appeal to a dedicated fanbase of Sony fans. Twisted Metal and Starhawk were nods to the PS2 days...just to remind fans of the fun that was had then. They WERE great and fun. They didn't sell as much as the AAA, huge budget titles that drown out the middleman these days. However, that doesn't prove anything accept that the industry now has more "casual" supporters.
I agree that internet hype is NOT the real world. But, you must agree that a LOT of the noise being made over the Xbox One is NOT Sony supporters. It's diehard Xbox fans that feel cheated by the new policies. Otherwise, that poll wouldn't be skewed so far in support of PS4. Plus, what IS the real world? In the real world COD and Madden are the 2 best games EVER! I don't hate them, but they are far from the best.

shinrock2061d ago

All those disagrees for the truth.

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strigoi8142061d ago

I dont even want to get an achievement or trophy on watching TV

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