10 Observations From Really Smart People On The Next Generation Of Video Game Consoles

Last week Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One.
A few months ago Playstation gave us a glimpse at what we can expect from the Playstation 4.
The Wii U is already available.
What's it all mean for the future of videogame consoles?
Smart people Marco Arment and John Siracusa have both recently written about it, and have some thoughts worth sharing.

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Excalibur1971d ago

These "really smart" people should tell us something we don't already know.

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forum671971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

All-in-one is the future.

Will anyone say - "I dont want mp3,video recording , apps on my phone . I am true hardcore Phone user".

FACT : All-in-one is an easy to sell concept to any consumer for any product.

The next generation of new gamers(who arent Fanboi) will consider this XBOX a better deal.

Both consoles are good in specs ,but like I said , consumer will always tends towards all-in-one.

Snookies121971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Where are you getting 1-5% inferior? The PS4's GPU is somewhere around 50% more powerful, it's also got the better ram for playing games. PS4's will be dedicated mostly for video games, whereas the Xbox's will lean more towards multi-tasking and OS managing.

forum671971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Thanks. I removed that line.It was based on overall gaming+ optional features but writing unknown predictable values can be wrong.

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jaredhart1971d ago

The PS4 has not revealed all of it's features, so we really aren't sure if it will not have similar "all-in-one" features.

What Sony did do, is make sure gamers knew the machine would still be for them.

Godmars2901970d ago

Its likely not going to have the same level of TV interaction. Thing is not only is the PS3 able to that with an add-on in at least Japan and Europe, its actually a TV DVR.

avengers19781970d ago

I've said that before, Sony did show off a great gaming machine, but I can see them doing a lot of the same things ONE can do.
I mean no one knows for sure just what playstations camera is capable of

Excalibur1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Yeah but it's not truly a "All-In-One" box for instance in my case I have currently under my TV.

My 360, PS3, cablebox/DVR and surround sound receiver.

BTW I also have a Sony 400 disk carousel Blu-ray player, why would I go to ONE to play ONE at a time?

Discounting the PS3, since this is All-In-ONE which one does it replace again?

Why would I spend and additional $400.00-$600.00 to replace any of them which it doesn't?

The average "casual" user won't and those people that have heard of the Xbox brand will automatically think Video game machine.

It's like Microsoft is trying to turn their current hard core base into casuals.

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Excalibur1970d ago

Oh I get it so it's a $400.00-$600.00 remote control....

MysticStrummer1970d ago

"multitasking Ahhh this is dope
Xbox One
controls my cable tv with my voice ahhh this is dope

I really feel that when these two system get side by side these little features start too look really impressive."

That depends on what type of device each person wants. Looking at the One's specs compared to PS4's, specifically the type of memory and the amount of memory taken up by the OS, it appears that One was designed mainly to do those two things while PS4 was designed mainly for gaming.

I'm sure a good number of people will buy One for it's multi-media capabilities and remoteless operation, regardless of whatever else it's rumored to do. Others will look at both products and see that they have many of the same features, but PS4's specs are better for games and they have existing devices that do other things One does.

Only time will tell, but I think MS is shooting themselves in the foot with some of their One strategy, mainly by requiring periodic online connection, which automatically counts out a lot of people who bought 360s, as well as some who didn't but thought about it. Worldwide sales will be impacted by the online requirement, but as some have pointed out, One seems to be aimed mainly at the US anyway. We still don't know the full implications of that online requirement, which could also negatively impact sales even in the US. A lot is up in the air.

Speaking only for myself, the system specs and having to rent the online portion of a game I already bought tell the tale for me.

Just my opinion.

Peace and good gaming.

Alos881970d ago

"Game consoles are being attacked and marginalized by cheaper, simpler smartphone and tablet games-"
You forgot "crappier".

MaverickStar71970d ago

Every time I hear someone say mobile games will take over console games, its like they are telling me skateboards will replace cars.