From NES to Xbox One, How The Big Three Described Their Consoles

What do you call the box that plugs into the TV and plays games? "Game console"? Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have been changing the terms they use for their Entertainment Systems, PlayStations, and Xboxes ever so slightly, ever so purposefully, for two decades. Have a look.

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PlayStation_41967d ago

PlayStation 4 + Wii U for me.

routerbad1966d ago

Not so great combo, but game on.

ziratul1966d ago

bad choice, very bad. X1.....horribad

Wolfbiker1966d ago

Whats funny is that Microsoft was straight up with their intentions to 'capture the living room' from the beginning and they 'used' gaming to do so, yet so many people are so surprised to see them sort of move onward with incorporating a more balanced entertainment marketing angle this time around.

I saw this coming back when they abandoned their core audience when the moved toward Kinect and everyone kept telling themselves it would be ok.

Xof1966d ago

I'm not so sure. Xbox' "core demographic" has always been the American "dudebro" crowd. This has been the case since the original Xbox.

I think a good portion of the ire Microsoft earned with it's announcement has more to do with the incredibly disappointing anti-consumer aspects of the PS4 and the fact that Nintendo has all-but refused to participate in the next console generation.

Gamers were desperately looking for one piece of hardware that they could feel unequivocally excited about... and that didn't happen. Was it surprising? No. But it hurts all the same.

Wolfbiker1966d ago

How does the PS4 have an 'anti-consumer aspect'? I'm unsure of where you're coming from with that because I felt that everything with the PS4 has been complete fan service and Sony seemingly being humbled during the PS3's atrocious and arrogant launch. no doubt though that since 2008/2009 the PS3 has ruled in terms of delivering the games for the core gamer.

With Nintendo, I'm not so sure how you get that they are 'refusing to participate in the next console generation. If it is because of the Wii U being seemingly underpowered compared to the PS4 and Xbox One then that is incredibly short sighted in that believing a fun and proper gaming experience can only be achieved with bleeding edge technology which just isnt true. The Wii U delivers a fun and fresh take on gaming and will offer some new and fun ways to experience games, just like the PS4 and Xbox One will. Just because Nintendo goes a different route doesnt really mean its any worse, the Wii U will undoubtebly be the cheapest gaming console on the market and will obviously offer its own take on some awesome games. Power really has nothing to do with a generation of gaming, just like the 'most powerful' console has NEVER 'won' a console generation.