NZGamer: SingStar Summer Party: Hands On Preview

NZGamer writes: "Yet another Singstar title has emerged, and the song remains the same.

We get thirty new tracks to sing, mumble, or hum along to. And, of course, not a novel gameplay feature in sight.

At least there are a full thirty songs.

However, Singstar Summer Party is a little hit and miss with its choices. Some are perfect material, like 'Mambo #5' and 'Mysterious Girl' (remembering how ridiculous Peter Andre looks is worth several songs on its own). 'Hold the Line', by Toto, brings old-school sing-along rock to the party. And modern hits like Rihanna's 'Umbrella' will obviously please pop fans."

The Good: Mambo No. 5!

The Bad: Mixed song selection

The Ugly: Sam singing Mysterious Girl. Not cool.

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