Sony and Microsoft Are Inviting Piracy With Used Games Policies

In case you've been living under a rock recently, the Xbox One and the Sony Playstation 4 were recently revealed and their respective used game policies remain shrouded in at least some cloud of mystery. But Microsoft and Sony are discounting a very important consideration: piracy. They are effectively inviting piracy that has plagued PC games for years.

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mandf1966d ago

I love how some of these websites lump Sony in with Ms. Ms talks about using a used game policy and Sony doesn't but Sony gets the bad wrap for it. These sites need to stop being apologists for MS. It's not Sony's fault so don't try to sling mud at Sony. Stick up for your selves and demand better from MS. Trying to win a fanboy war will just cost you money this time around.

mtorino1966d ago

Sonys had multiple chances to say what they were doing regarding used games but they haven't

blitz06231966d ago

It doesn't matter if both have used game policies or not. Pirates are pirates and they will look to invade next gen consoles with whatever method they can think of.

mandf1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

You just aren't listening to what they are saying. They have no used game policy in place. Get over it. No words or phrase from Sony has implied that they have a used game policy. Nothing will change that. Media not publishers are crying about used games. Name me 15 publishers that are asking to ban or charge more for games. The only ones crying are the media. Stop listening and think for yourself. Ms wants more money and this is the result of it. Stop spreading misinformation on n4g and go complain to MS while you still have chance.

Any xbox fans on this site needs to complain loudly with one voice and get this thrown out before it's to late. Gaming is going to get more expensive for the sake of greed.

joeorc1966d ago

"Sonys had multiple chances to say what they were doing regarding used games but they haven't "

it is quite clear:

Sony boss Yoshida “It’s a publisher decision,” he said. “We are not talking about it, sorry.”

And since Sony is a publisher themselves..right? what's Yoshida's take on it?

his take was quite clear if you have a disc you can take it and play that same disc on any PS4, if you remember there is no region lock's on PS4 disc's employed by sony, Next if you also remember there is no required downloading the entire disc contents of the Game to the PS4's harddrive requirement as it is for the xboxone for every game disc.

another one is the xboxone requires to check into the internet every so often, there is again no required check in to the internet for the PS4.

putting that information inline would you honstly think that Sony is going to employ such DRM when

A: No online check in
b: no complete game retail disc download to ps4's hard drive requirement.
c: No region locking of PS4 disc's by Sony's 1st party studios!

the question was asked would Sony blocked used games?

Sony boss Yoshida “It’s a publisher decision,” he said. “We are not talking about it, sorry.”

which publisher?

would you say that is Sony's or more likely EA who now just disbanded the required online Pass requirement for games?

to me its pretty clear.

Muerte24941966d ago

said it best. Because they had a long drawn out battle in court when their game was getting pirated. He said people who pirated the never had any intention of buying the game in the first place.

"...It not like a pirate who can't find a the crack torrent says:" Oh, I can't find it free, I'll just go out and buy it now."..."

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ltachiUchiha1966d ago

Agreed especially since it was microsoft with the bad reveal but we will add them in there because they are doing the same thing as microsoft. /s WRONG

1966d ago
Godmars2901966d ago

Sony has yet to make a full and proper statement, less so than MS has, yet is being lumped with them. part if not wholly as a means for Ms defenders to deflect from their statements.

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mtorino1966d ago

I think it's surprising mildly at least that pirating this gen hasn't been more prevalent

NextGen24Gamer1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

At this point its all speculation. Lets wait and see how this will all work! My guess is that you will be able to trade your games in, but by doing so, it will be removed from the cloud or your physical hard drive. People mistake owning the physical disc as owning the software/content. You DONOT own the content/software! This is one of the reasons the xbox one requires an internet connection. You don't need to get xbox live, but you need your console connected! If that is a problem, then the next gen xbox is not for you plain and simple! By doing this, I would assume that the costs of new games will be much lower, which is a win win for Real Gamers! It's about time! I have money to blow, but $60 dollars a game is a lot for most people! It would be great if it was more in line with the price of blu ray movies! $20 to $30 dollars.

Soon enough more info will be released from MS! I believe it will be a good change for the gaming community!

Thanks Microsoft for leading the industry in this area!


I understand. But, this has been a long time coming. If it drives the price down for the content, I'm super excited. That means I may be able to buy 3 new xbox one games for what we used to spend for 1 game! That equals more gaming for gamers!

mtorino1966d ago

I just don't trust Microsoft to not mess up when they're in the lead like they have royally with windows

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1966d ago
pop-voxuli1966d ago

Damn right they are, I will wait till the XBO is hacked then I will buy one second hand and PIRATE THE LIVING PISS OUT OF EVERY DAMN GAME I can get my hands on.

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