Insomniac Confirms Resistance is 720p

The number of PlayStation 3 releases supporting 1080p HDTV resolutions will undoubtably increase as the hardware matures, but for launch games, limited development time is an issue. Insomniac Games publicly stated they were aiming to include the option for 1080p in Resistance: Fall of Man, but as Sony's Gamer's Day kicks off in San Francisco, company president Ted Price confirms isn't not happening in his IGN blog.
"Native 1080p (versus 720p scaled to 1080p) uses much more VRAM than 720p. When we finished up a few of our bigger levels at the very end of the development process we realized that we would have had to steal VRAM from some of our characters and environments to run in native 1080p. Anyway, we felt it was best to stay at 720p and that, at least while 1080p televisions are still relatively scarce, we should focus on implementing 1080p for our future games."

NextGen24Gamer6188d ago (Edited 6188d ago )

1080p is possible. But you have to take away from somthing to get it. And in the end, most developers won't do it. Higher res also means less detail and less graphical fidelity. Thank goodness MS and ATI have the embedded ram for AA and HDR. They have already stated they could do 1080p games with AA and HDR with little hit to the hardware. Future proof feature. WOW. Once again, even sony execs have gone on record saying that many times the 720p games look better than the 1080p games. Now you know why straight from a ps3 first party developer. You loose a lot when you shoot for that resolution. But you best believe they tried as hard as they could to make it happen. Sony really wants to flaunt 1080p games. When in reality...MS was right when they said its possible...but NOT optimal for games with a lot going on. But developers will figure out a way to do it to where it makes sense in the future...for the ps3 and the 360. thanks Microsoft.

P.S. Don't be surprised when other games actually release in 720p that were previously boasting 1080p. Remember at TGS....Resistance, Nba2k7, nba live, ridge racer, on Segas virtua tennis were announced for 1080p as well. Once they finalize the games as resistance is doing...they will see its just not optimal. Unless the game uses simple textures and low fidelity graphics. In that case, most would agree as sony has stated...720p games look better than 1080p games in many cases. I haven't been wrong yet. Really its simple common sense. MS said a while back that its virtually impossible. I disagree'd. I feel its not impossible...its just not optimal this generation for games that have a lot going on. You'll see come launch. What ever games are in 1080p if there are any.....won't look better than "Gears of War". Not even close folks. The reviews will tell you the same.

Arkham6187d ago

Sorry, b'atch, 3rd person games might look a bit better than 1st person games. Fewer pixels to push. If you think GOW can compare to Resistance resource-wise...well...

JIN KAZAMA6188d ago

But what about NBA2K7 or is is NBA Live, wihich is 1080p on ps3, what about ridge racer 7, which is 1080p, its not a big deal that FOM isnt 1080p, they have been working on so much other stuff, that game includes so many features, that it jsut probably worth spending time on making it 1080p. MS also said, its virtually impossible for 1080p for games, remember that, and now they are adding "functionality" for it. So, i wouldnt thank MS for any of this.
Come on realdeal.

Cyclonus6188d ago (Edited 6188d ago )

did he get banned or something?

Anyway, 720p is FINE for gaming. This goes for Ps3 and 360 both. I own a 1080p set (Tosh 62mx196) and even I don't think it's necessary for gaming...yet.

1080p is definitely good for movies, though.

Marriot VP6188d ago

haha the funny thing is that all 360 games are going to be upscaled to 1080p whether their native or not. That's something the PS3 doesn't have.

But more importantly who the crap cares about 1080p games???

JIN KAZAMA6188d ago

you're saying, the PS3 can display 1080p native, but it cant do 1080p upscaling!! Come on man, get educated.
Also, 1080i LCD, plasma tvs upscale it to 1080p.

JIN KAZAMA6188d ago (Edited 6188d ago )

" MS said a while back that its virtually impossible. I disagree'd. I feel its not impossible...its just not optimal this generation for games that have a lot going on."

Dude, what do you know what is optimal and whats not, do you have dev kits for both systems? Are you a developer? You know nothing about programming. Devs will be doing 1080p in no time relative to the systems life cycle. If some launch games are already 1080p, think of a year from now, or 2 years from now. Come on man, u're just like any other gamer, just a GAMER, nothing more. You're "disagreeing" with microsoft!!! Yea, hmmm....lets hear what RealDeal has to say about this matter. he feels its not optimal, because he has the dev kits, and is one of the top programmers in history of gamming!

Also, the 360 is old news now, they can do wahtever they want, but its last years news. Its getting buried underneath nintendo and sony. They just came out too soon, and could not take advantage of it. But it was a much better try than the xbox. But i think the xbox3 will have a good outing, maybe it might do better than 360. PS3 is just too powerful, and too much of a brand name for 360 to take over.

ElementX6187d ago

Like when PS2 came out before Xbox? It's been said that the 2nd gen games coming out for 360 are better looking than first generation PS3 games.

Next year, when PS3 is releasing 2nd gen games, 360 will be releasing 3rd generation games. They're both great systems, however programmers will be more accustomed to the 360 code and will always be a year ahead of the PS3 in terms of coding familiarity. Sure, Xbox had better specs than the PS2 and thus better looking games, but this generation the 360 and PS3 are very comparable and programmers will know the ins and outs of 360 coding better than that of the PS3.

NextGen24Gamer6188d ago (Edited 6188d ago )

With ms releasing a HD dvd player and HD tv's selling better than last year...they had to update the dash and allow for 1080p output for movies and games. Just like with the hdmi that will come soon enough. Its a future proof console. And every single 360 owner is happy that the 300 or 400 they spent on the system is going a long ways and evolving. I mean...we bought a 1080i console and its now 1080p. We bought a console that plays every dvd on the planet...and it now will play hd dvd's. WOW. I couldn't have dreamed it better. Thanks Microsoft. Whats next?

I can see why certain sony fanatics are upset and bothered by MS's recent moves and announcements. I mean, for 200 dollars less you get 1080p "FIRST". You get HD movies "FIRST". You get a unified online service for less than 20 cents a day. You can play ANY game and chat with any one of your friends on ONE undifed friends list. With ONE identity that can be utitlized on your PC or cell phone. Its truly amazing and can definately make the opposition jealous. 100 gig hard drive soon as well. ANd we don't have to take apart our console to ad the hard drive. No Sir...all we have to do is snap off and snap on. And there are data kits that send data wirelessly to your PC and back to your 360 being released soon. WOW. And I guarentee the 100 gig will be under 120. My guess is 99 to 119. The 20 gig will drop to 50 or less. Thanks again Microsoft.

If you have read anything about 1080p and games. You would know that to enable 1080p as an output for a game...you have to take away from graphics fidelity and HDR and AA. Which is fine depending on the game. But most will see that those added features actually effect a game more for the better than the actual 1080p. Major Nelson already said that within 6 months you will see 1080p games for the 360. When you look at the 360 and the ps3. The 360 can do a better job with 1080p than the ps3. Nvidia's 7950 graphics PC card can't even do hdr and aa when in 1080p resolution. And that card is way more advanced than RSX. Now, a few things the 360 does that benifits them when they have games running in 1080p is the embedded ram, which enables HDR and AA without a hit on the hardware, and the unified shaders that is now just being implemented in video cards for PC's to get ready for windows vista. Those two things put the 360's video card capabilitites way ahead of the ps3. But, with all that said. 720p is still the most optimal for "MOST" games. You can have better lighting, textures, AA, ect. Understand? If you don't...you will once the games come out.

kmis876188d ago (Edited 6188d ago )

You made some mistakes. You don't get hd movies for $200 less. It's actually the same price except with a smaller/absent hard drive and no HDMI if you want hd movies on a 360.

Sony fans would probably also point out that it seems they get a unified (not undifed) online service for 0 cents a day and they can put 250gb hard drives in if they felt like purchasing them. Also, ps3 owners can create multiple accounts, so my brother doesn't have to use my account to play games online, and they can share games they've purchased with their friends and vice versa. They would also point out that you make arbitrary assumptions about the price of the new hard drive. Based on the fact that Microsoft has been selling the 20gb hard drive at much more than the current market selling price, I'm going to guess that they won't suddenly sell a 100gb model at the going price of the normal 2.5'' hard drives on the market.

eques judicii6188d ago

did anyone else notice the comment about how much space the game is actually taking up on the bluray disk?

"He also clarified that Resistance takes up roughly 16GB on a Blu-ray disc, down from the 20GB figure that had been quoted by the press earlier. Additional compression techniques and common sense dropped the figure."

And if they kept working on it i bet they could get it to 9 gigs... but who knows

Marriot VP6187d ago

way to stay on top of things, I didn't catch that.

cheers bub

4me26187d ago

Why would anyone want to waste TIME to improve compression if you don't have to. TIME is money.

eques judicii6187d ago

But compression can aide load times... here's how: raw files have to be streamed from the disk and can take a while to cache into the system ram, while compressed files can be transfered quick (less data to transfer) and with the cell/triple core processors of the new systems, can be quickly unstuffed and loaded. Overall, with slow readspeeds (especially those of bluray) this means that compression will shorten load times. this is why developers compress... to bypass read speeds of the optical drive... thus resulting in fewer frustrated gamers ;-)

So it is smart of insomniac to compress... although some of the data footprint maybe movies in which case they can leave this raw and just stream.

Bebedora6187d ago

I think it was meant to be a 1080p game but now they went for 720p and less storage hungry textures, right? Just a thought...

eques judicii6186d ago

texture resolution is different than screen resolution. By decreasing the demands of rendering more pixels on the screen they should be able to increase texture resolution... to test this for yourself:
boot up your pc, run any game, turn texture resolution down and run at high screen resolution... then turn up the texture resolution to the max... notice a frame rate change? Now drop the screen resolution down but leave the texture resolution at max, your frame rate should improve now... notice the difference again? if your comp is super good then you won't, but if you computer is like mine you will. So by decreasing to 720p they can include higher res textures... although texture resolution is not limited so much by disk space but rather by amount of RAM in your graphics card.

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