Nintendo shares more details on E3 program with Best Buy

Nintendo announces dates, times, and locations where Best Buy will allow gamers to experience E3 titles.

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Cubits2020d ago

That's pretty cool, but shame about the limited times. I guess they're worrying about the potential for this to disrupt normal trade.

jcnba282020d ago

I hope Smash Bros. is one of the playable demos!

TotalSynthesisX2020d ago

Holy crap, they actually acknowledged Pensacola's existence? SWEEEEEEET. Smash Bros. 4, here I come. :D

LiberatedAnimal2020d ago

That would be AWESOME!! I hope we get to test drive Retro's new game! I'm sure, whatever it is, the controls will be silky smooth and graphics will probably set a WiiU benchmark! >o<

MilkMan2020d ago

That list blows. I live in NYC, I aint going to Albany or Long Island City to play demos. What is Nintendo thinking when they have a Mega Nintendo store right here in the city with like 100 Best Buys all over the place.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2020d ago

just not close enough to me.

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