PS3 UTIII MODS: Model character Master Chief and more

Models Include

Master Chief
Crysis Character
Marcus Fenix (GeOW)
Gus (GeOW)
Gears Locusts

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Lord Anubis4875d ago

very well done.

Oh User Generated Content. We love you.

sonarus4875d ago

when UT3 comes for 360, if it has no mods ign, gspot, 1up and the rest who rate ps3 games lower than 360 for one reason or the other better do the same. or i call shenanigans

Lord Anubis4875d ago

Because the unreal engine for the Xbox 360 has been upgraded UT3 for Xbox 360 will benefit from the updates. That will be the excuse.

sonarus4875d ago

i dnt care about those minor graphical updates. They didn't up scores for dirt after it released on ps3 after 360 version even though improvements were made.
Besides mods are a major addition to the UT3 series.

4875d ago
Ghoul4875d ago

awesome but illegal

those where ripped from the original games and therefor a illegal action as stated by the appropiate user agreements.

<-- waits for legal actions by ms/epic

especially microsoft is VERY picky about the masterchief model beeing added to mods or other games, ive seen many ripped models for older mods that hae been shut down by ms.

PirateThom4874d ago

Right enough, Microsoft are going to take legal action against Epic who are already annoyed at Microsoft and making what will probably be the biggest seller on 360 this year.

They could try to shut down websites that carry it, but that's the beauty of the internet, it's too late once it's on there.

Ghoul4874d ago

@ thom

you totally misunderstood me

ms/epic/crytek is going to email the author of the pack that he will receive legal actions if he continues ripping models, and the websites carrying the pack will be forced to remove the pack.

that happend MANY times allready.

poopface14874d ago

now let me try and make UT 3 in to gears and halo.

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TheMART4875d ago

So PS3 gamers want Gears of War and Halo 3 so bad they fake its main characters in UT3?

beast4875d ago (Edited 4875d ago )

GeOW used an UT engine, same engine.

Thats shows what OPEN PSN with MODS can do if they want to.

Sorry if that option is not available for xbox.

The option is not just character models , mods also include the amazing toy story map, lego map and much much more including Mutators.

UTIII MODS are the most underrated in the consoles discussions.

Meus Renaissance4875d ago

Mart - just let it go man. Find love. It'll do you wonders. You're atleast 30 man, come on and just grow up from this. It's boring now

JVIDICAN4875d ago

take his bubbles
if he cant talk here hell have no choice but to talk to actual people
think of it as us doing him a favor =P

gambare4875d ago

At least the PS3 users can do this, unlike the 360 version

cr33ping_death4875d ago

just like you want metal gear so bad that you lay in bed at night in the fetal position repeating " its coming, oh its coming to the 360, its coming"

Clinton5144875d ago

That's some weak ass bait buddy. Where's your user created mods, skins and maps?

Danja4875d ago

Hey Mart plz switch back to the POG account atleast his post are funny to read cuz he makes an azz of himself...

P.S >>>> Danja

princejb1344875d ago

yea even thought we ps3 owners now have halo models on ut3 halo still sucks

Snukadaman4875d ago

Im sure half or maybe even all of you droids got this idiot on your ignore lists but you just have too open up his comments and leave a little note....dam he is pretty good at making you people look like crying morons.

wAtdaFck4875d ago

To some point that there are a few Sony Fanboys up there commenting on a Fanboy. But your no different. Your like the Pot calling the Kettle Black.

tweaker4875d ago

Mart, it must suck for you to see Master Chief on the PS3 huh?

TheMART4875d ago

Funny to all those above complaining me saying that:

1. You're in the OPEN ZONE here. Take it or leave it.
2. I think it's pretty funny I am that far under your skin PS3 fanboys.
3. There is still no game other then Uncharted (average score of all reviews 9.0) exclusive on the PS3 scoring a 9.0 or higher average. Ain't that stupid, 1.5 year after the PS3 launched?

GETPWNT4875d ago

lol. nice ownage, Mart. U can tell these sony girls are crying just from their reaction. ;) it's priceless.

Ali_The_Brit4875d ago

well considering PC gamers make these mods no not really how the hell can you say all PS3 users for an action of one pc gamer. facking moron

Pain4874d ago

LMao u bots REALLY want UT3 u hate the game with a Passion.

2 funny.

ravinshield4874d ago

all these ps3 girls trying to use 360 characters on their wack as console.just buy a 360 and play the real thing not some wannabe characters.

HarryEtTubMan4874d ago (Edited 4874d ago )



Notice this is about what the PS3 is getting... the 360 is getting NOTHING as usual.... HAHAHAHHAHAH


HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HHAHAHAH BOTS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS AND ANGRY HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHA AND TheMart is completly out of touch with reality.... I sersiously imagine him beging some huge FAT Blob only worried about try to prove something AGIANST the winning console.... the PS3... he's so jealous its unbelievable and its 100% FACT that him and all the other XBOTS will have a PS3 with the next year or two HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH

PS3 is the console with all these cool features.... has the biggest 2008 games coming and NO XBOTS 3rd person Unreal Engine 3 shooter Gears of War isn't the biggest game coming out this year... not even close and NO XBOTS its not even going to be mentioned for GOTY this year(it actually has competition)

Either way I'm downloading this onto my PS3 is I want to and Xbots will be playing mediocore JRPG Lost Odyssey.... a JRPG which both White Knight Chronicles and FF13 will destroy.

You lose and will lose BOTS.

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BilI Gates4875d ago

I posted up a bunch of screens in that thread. GT name: acid

- Your friendly neighborhood Bill

Clinton5144875d ago

The Gears models are identical to the 360/PC models. Master Chief looks good and Spawn is amazing.

The Locusts are decent too. I'm about to take them for a test run online.

Good job on Epic and Sony for making this happen on a console.

Megaton4875d ago

Downloading these right now. Spawn looks incredible.