Saved-game bug dumped PlayStation 3 fans in hijackers' sights

A potentially nasty security hole has apparently been found in the PlayStation 3 that allows miscreants to execute commands on a player's console if they preview a booby-trapped saved game.

The flaw affects firmware version 4.31 in Sony's gaming rig, according to the Vulnerability Laboratory Research Team which claims to have unearthed the coding error.

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extermin8or1970d ago

so um you posted details on the web for everyone to see... *claps* well done you /s/

DragonKnight1969d ago

I was just gonna say the same thing.

Why give the a$$hats who design malware any ideas? It's like begging them to do it.

TheGamingArt1969d ago

that... and the the exploit was already fixed.

FamilyGuy1969d ago

Do lots of people download game saves anyway?

I never have personally and only know of a few that have :/

TheGamingArt1968d ago

@familyguy, yes and no. Game save downloads can be tricky to get everything up and running properly.

DragonKnight1969d ago

Anyone else notice the photoshopped racism in the picture?

UNGR1969d ago

I had a good chuckle when I noticed it. If it's all in good fun what's the harm, right?

DragonKnight1969d ago

I was just mentioning it. It is kind of funny and anyone that gets upset by it should really just lighten up.

Oh_Yeah1969d ago

No, what's racist about it?

DragonKnight1969d ago

The word is select. The Japanese language has no letter "L" in it and most pronounce "L" as "EHR" with more of an R sound. By changing the word Select to Serect, it's making fun of the Japanese language. It's not really any big deal, but it's still racist.

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Enemy1969d ago

"The bug has apparently been fixed in firmware version 4.41, which should be downloaded and installed on PS3s. The fix was released at the end of last month - six months after Vulnerability Labs said it reported the issue to Sony. ®"


Pixel_Enemy1969d ago

The hacker would also need access to YOUR PS3 physically to install the code with a USB stick. This is not likely to happen to me or one of my friends will have a beat down coming their way.

DragonKnight1969d ago

Not necessarily. He could do it through save edited files. For example, Dark Souls' DOM'S MEGA MULE save file is a hacked Dark Souls save you have to put on a USB to use. All it would have taken, prior to the fix, is to upload some hacked save file for people and they'd be none the wiser.

porkChop1969d ago

It could also have happened if you were to download a game save from online. Lots of people do that. Good thing this was patched though.

WeAreLegion1969d ago

Horrible title. The article is pretty bad, but that title is all sorts of effed up.

ziggurcat1969d ago

xbox fanboys are becoming really desperate if they're drumming up old news about a hack that has already been fixed in a feeble attempt to draw attention away from the xboner.

LogicStomper1969d ago

So if this factual article was put up by " desperate xbox fanboys", does this mean that all the negative xbox articles were put up from desperate Sony fanboys?

"a feeble attempt to draw attention away from the xboner."

Wow, you should have a place in the periodic table, cause that sure is ironic. Is your comment not "a feeble attempt to draw attention away from the" negative PS3 article?

"away from the xboner"

Yep, this article SUUURE is desperate making immature comments huh? You know, I'd also trash-talk PS4 just for you but, I have self-control unlike some people.

rainslacker1969d ago

As a Sony fan, I think any news pertaining to anything on gaming systems is fair game to be posted. This is news. The exploit is real and fixed, so I don't really see the harm in informing people that it was there. It is important that people keep up to date with security risks in the modern age. Any reminder that things aren't all rosy keeps things in perspective.

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