Man’s most bestest friends: 7 PlayStation pets the COD dog needs to learn from

OPM: For all the talk of next-gen engines and 'ee-mersion' the only thing anyone really took away from new COD was the dog. This new companion captured the Internet’s imagination immediately because everyone loves dogs. The meticulous mo-capping and tough-pup ear tattoo that screams, “The only balls I’ll be fetching are the enemy’s” are just icing on the cake. Activision and Infinity Ward are currently keeping schtum on how your four-legged friend will actually act in game. They've mentioned sniffing out explosives and being a member of the team but little else. With that in mind we've lined up a few other Playstation-based pets that might help inspire the military mutt.

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NateCole2019d ago

lol! I was going to call BS until right at the end of the list.