H33rsay: Dark Souls II launching before November?

El33tonline writes:

"Namco Bandai has yet to announce a release date or even a release window for From Software’s upcoming action RPG Dark Souls II. However, history could very well hold the key to when the game will be released thanks to the timing of a contest run on the Dark Souls Facebook page whereby fans can submit shield designs to be used in the game."

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ltachiUchiha1968d ago

That would be sweet. Let the bloodshed begin.

tom1105841968d ago

indeed, it would be awesome! we can only hope...(-:

ltachiUchiha1968d ago

The game already looks bloldy hard but I like those kinds of games, im hoping TLOU will be insanely hard aswell lol. I love hard games. =]

MoveTheGlow1968d ago

The best time ever to play a Souls game is on Halloween! Forget the Saw movies or whatever. I hope this gives me a reason to do that again!

(well, Artorias of the Abyss still should... *whines* but it's so hard!!!!)

Deputydon1968d ago

It's really not that hard at all. And on top of that, it contains some of the best bosses in the game. You Should probably pick it up.

Never admit defeat.

MoveTheGlow1967d ago

Oh, I have it. I got stuck on Artorias. Granted, I'm under-leveled as hell. The guy is ridiculously fast. Usually I find an exploitable pattern, but wow.

Deputydon1966d ago

Pro tip:

Buy a bunch of Green Blossoms. Then you can either go the light route, and roll/dodge. Or the High poise route, block with your shield let off between attacks to absorb all the blows. The green blossom increases your stamina so much that you can roll or take blows like a champ. Chester sells them right outside of Artorias.

MoveTheGlow1966d ago

Thanks!! Who'd have thought the answer was "performance-enhancing drugs?" Er... I mean... herbal supplements...

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Sharius1968d ago

this year, going to be crazy

RedSoakedSponge1966d ago

it needs to really so its out before the next gen consoles. would hate to think an epic game such as this would go unnoticed due to the Xbox One and PS4.