Free Soul Sacrifice DLC launches today

New quests, map, boss characters, social media features

By Tom Ivan

Sony will launch free Soul Sacrifice DLC today as part of the game's first major update, which takes it to version 1.10.

The Vita exclusive action game from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune is a month old in the US and Japan this week. Today's update will introduce new quests, a fresh map, additional boss characters, plus new social media features.

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Sanquine902020d ago

Indeed, awesome avatar:D That is worth a bubble ( positive one)

Gamesgbkiller2020d ago (Edited 2020d ago )

Great DLC and update.

I hope this game gets more attention.

So far it has the best story in all the VITA games. ( maybe P4G )

r212020d ago

The dullahan is one scary mo fo. His attacks are rapid and crazy!

himdeel2020d ago

What are the new bosses vulnerable to?

r212020d ago

I've only fought the Dullahan and fire, ice and lightning arent his vulnerabilities. Learned that the hard way.

PrimeGrime2020d ago

Dullahan weak against Venom. Behemoth weak against Heat.

ndankopo2020d ago

Great DLC and Update... i love this game... more update and more tipe of monster