The Chaos Of The Game Backlog

Adam, from eGamer, writes: "Whilst the last week and half has been characterised by a general bashing of the Xbox One reveal by the core gamer community, I thought that I would take today as a sign to write about something that we all deal with on some level. This beast is simply known as the backlog. I’ve written before about the insurmountable gaming backlog that many gamers have sleepless nights about. This is a daunting reality that many gamers must face with fearsome reserve if they are ever to overcome this spectre, this demon of their gaming’s past life. You have to be honest about admitting the problem first, and spit out the truth like it’s toxic as if your very life depends on the admittance that you’re suffering through the backlog blues. If you feel like a hoarder then it’s time to change. Joking aside, the backlog is one of many gamers’ woes. The question you’re probably wondering is: how do I overcome the challenge that is the backlog?".

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panbit862062d ago

First World Problems: "I have so many games to play!"

FullMetalAdam2062d ago

I'm actually in a third world country, so not really first world.

Lone_Man2062d ago

one game at a time game at a time