Predicting Nintendo's E3 2013 events

Gimme Gimme Games gives their predictions on what Nintendo will do during their various E3 2013 events like what third party characters could make appearances in Super Smash Bros and more.

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ltachiUchiha2021d ago

Hopefully a new zelda, Oh YEAH. =]

FullmetalAlchemist2021d ago

I predict more of the same Mario games and maybe a 10% chance of seeing something new.

FlameAlchemist2021d ago

Don't you think you're being a little harsh on Nintendo?

BeZdaBest2021d ago

aside from the CONFIRMED.. mario/mariokart/smash/wind wakerhd/

im expecting starfox/ metroid/

retro's project??
and X

JuleyJules2021d ago

If Nintendo wants to get 3DS owners to buy a Wii U Mario Kart U should be an all new game and not a port of a game that's been out on the 3DS in HD with a few new things thrown in. Hopefully they announce that some upcoming games previously not announced for Wii U are coming like COD: Ghosts and maybe whatever EA is "working on for Wii U". Lego LOTR would be cool if it was released! Monster Hunter 4 would also be very popular. I'm just hoping as we hear about new games we get release dates. They'll irritate too many people if they don't as that's all we've gotten thus far pretty much til the direct on May 17th.