Xbox One and Used Games: The Real Reason Everyone's So Mad

It's much easier to assign a bogeyman to explain away why you can't own something than it is to simply say you can't afford it. And this natural human tendency might explain why the backlash against Microsoft's reported treatment of Xbox One used games has become a moral imperative, instead of one about how goddamn expensive the platonic ideal of an Xbox One experience will be.

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ltachiUchiha2503d ago

They mad because they have an anger problem. I mean seriously tv is innovation. /s Everyone knows the reason now microsoft just has to listen, no not force, LISTEN to the gamers ya greedy bastards.

forum672502d ago

so they are not making games ?

Biggest2502d ago

Games that you can't share, sure.

ltachiUchiha2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Not that I know of. Where are the new 360 ip's? Did they forget the 360 is still in the market & has alot of core fans? We all know its a given they will show some new ip's for the xbox one but thats not even out yet & the 360 is. Having no new core ip for the last 3 or 4 years is frustrating when I see sony bringing in new exclusives this late in the ps3's life cycle & were getting the same 3 exclusives year in and year out by microsoft. Doesnt that bug u? It does for me & it just pisses me off more with all the new negative stuff.

Bimkoblerutso2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

You, like so many defenders, miss the point entirely.

Big business is a game of precedents. It's about companies seeing how many consumer rights they can subvert to maximize profit for the least amount of effort.

Microsoft (among others) is setting a terrible precedent with digital distribution.

Instead of saying "hey, let's provide a digital distribution service so that things are cheaper and easier for consumers," they're saying "hey, let's keep the markup the same and make things LESS convenient for consumers."

Instead of saying, "hey, let's use the Kinect to make games more intuitive" they're saying "hey, this would be a great tool for cramming advertising down consumers throats."

If DLC has taught us anything, it's that if publishers are given a means of exploiting consumers, it will be their TOP in, instead of providing a service and games that people have no problem paying for outright.

Maddens Raiders2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )


"Look at the camera and smile motherfu**er. Now give me your money if you want to keep playing this game. Thank you. Now snap to Halo or COD?" :)

testerg352502d ago

Madden, you've become a bitter old man. MS do that to you?

3-4-52502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I just got into 3DS/DS/PSP....

If it wasn't for used games, I wouldn't have found 80% of the games I have for PSP/3DS.

I was able to get some hidden gems for $5-20 and now I'm a fan of those dev's/companies.

By allowing used games, they have created a new fan for each of those games.

I will now be paying attention to about 10 developers that I hadn't really in the past as much.

This = more sales in the long run for these companies and more sales keeps the life of said console going, therefore it's only in Microsoft's best interest to support used games exactly as they were this past gen.

FlameAlchemist2503d ago

I just feel bad for the parents who have more than one kid. Already paying a steep $60 for a game and now they might not be able to share the game with each other if they have their own systems.

Belking2502d ago

You have no clue what you're talking about.

forum672502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I feel bad for gamers who pay $60 for games and other BS console regulations.

Steam sales so cheap !

Biggest2502d ago

I feel the same way, FlameAlchemist. I game share with my PS3s and can't fathom having to pay extra for my son to play online with me.

If either system blocks game sharing and used games in any way. . . Ahoy me mateys!

Elit3Nick2502d ago

Except Microsoft said that games can be shared between family members if it's allowed in the parental settings...

Wikkid6662502d ago

If on the same console. The DRM is linked by Gamertag and Console ID.

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r212502d ago

Cant seem to access the article. Link is a dead page.

NextGen24Gamer2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

The bottom line is the gaming industry has spoiled us as gamers and in the previous generations we could buy a game, share a game, copy a game and that undercuts the developers and makers of the game every time we do this. We were afforded this right and now they are correcting their mistakes of allowing gamers to do that in the first place.

I believe while us spoiled gamers are not happy about that, its just the way it will be and it will most likely drive costs down to purchase games just like computer games! That would be a win, new xbox one games only costed 30 to 40 dollars brand new!

Details haven't been revealed so right now we are all just speculating on how this will all work! Maybe when you buy the game you will have an allowance of installing to 2 or 3 machines...example if you have multiple consoles in your home for your children. Or maybe when you let a friend borrow the game, there is a time limit to how long he can play before he has to purchase it! Or maybe if YOu log in on the cloud servers at a friends house, you can play the game you purchased at a friends house. Who knows how MS will handle it, but I fully support them attempting to possibly drive costs down for games and at the same time, reduce pirating and they can actively track how many games are sold and played!

If you really think about it, is it fair that you can buy a game and let 20 of your friends borrow it and they all beat it but yet the developers and programmers only recieved ONE sale of the game! I know we have been spoiled but is that right? NO its not right!

So everyone needs to stop whinning about it and understand that MS is only trying to do whats right. And just because it was allowed in the previous generations doesn't make it right!

I applaud MS for taking the lead in this area and I look forward to getting more details on how it will all work!

People will always resist change & innovation. I'm 40 years old and I have seen this happen innovation after innovation! People always gripe and complain and fight change! The change is for the better though right now, many don't see it that way because of selfishness! Sony & Nintendo will follow, and game publishers and developers will LOVE IT! With lower game costs NEW, and getting a grasp of pirating, game sales will increase. Smart MOVE!

Darrius Cole2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

This is the dumbest comment ever. Gamers were not "afforded" any rights to the games. Gamers "bought" games, and therefore they owned those games and could do whatever they wanted to do with them.

BTW, Yes it is fair that I can buy a game and 20 of my friends borrow it and they all beat it but yet the developers and programmers only received ONE sale of the game. They SOLD me a copy of the game. So long as I made no copies and all 20 of my friends one at a time, then that is MY business, because it's MY GAME.

And this crap Microsoft is pulling is not innovation or the future, and it definitely is not a change for the better; it is a power-play using old technology. Microsoft is trying to restrict the free market and control it so that they can set the prices free from fear of competition. They are trying to create their own little monopoly.


Oh yeah, and what Majin-vegeta said.

NextGen24Gamer2502d ago

I strongly disagree! it's NOT FAIR! You only OWN the physical disc and you can do what ever you want with that physical disc. You can throw it away, you can break it, you can use it to whipe your bum if you'd like. But you DO NOT OWN the software on the physical DISC. That's where you are 1000% wrong! If you owned the software/content on the disc, you would be allowed to make copies!

Yall need to understand how this works before you argue points that are pointless!

For years we have been allowed to do this, and I'm glad for the growth & health of the gaming industry, that MS is taking a stand for the publishers & developers.

It will drive costs down and we could possible be able to buy brand new games for $30 dollars...Who knows, maybe even $20 dollars!

End of discussion! You own the disc, NOT THE CONTENT!

Darrius Cole2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

It doesn't matter whether you disagree or not. Your opinion is irrelevant.

Your opinion doesn't matter BECAUSE I OWN IT. I don't need your agreement to do what I want to with my own stuff. That is why I want to own that I can choose what do with it in spite of someone else's disagreement. If I want to let 20 people use my game for free, then I can do that no matter who disagrees with my decision.

You can do what you want with your own stuff even when others disagree with what you are doing; that's how you know you own something. If I can't let my friend or my even enemy play my game without Microsoft's permission then it's not my game; I don't own it. Microsoft can let you use Windows 8 without my permission, because they own it.

The point you are attempting to make and your premise is flat out wrong. We have not been "allowed" to do anything with our games. We own the games outright. If we want to trade them that our business. If we want to let other play them then that's our business. Gamers have been trading their games all along and nobody has stopped them, because gamers have always owned the games that they trade. You or anybody else can disagree all you want. But you can't stop it, and if you could stop it, then your ability to stop us is proof then we don't own.

Microsoft is planning to release a console but not sell any games for it. They want to sell a restricted license to play the game. But that's not what the people want.

Obtoose2502d ago

See Darius Cole that's the big misconception of digital rights nowadays. Any of these games or systems that make you agree to anything before you play, essentially make you sign your rights away before you ever start playing. Same thing with the PS3 and 360. Read the full agreement online, you're agreeing that while you may own the physical property, you down own the programming, which runs the console, and all of this has been clarified in Supreme Court hearings. So when we eventually get to the always online world, you'll have so little actual ownership of anything . . . It's a very worrisome concept.

mydyingparadiselost2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Yea your completely right, we are sooo spoiled, not just as gamers but as consumers in general! The clothing industry should do this too, get rid of all the thrift stores and goodwills and tie every piece of clothing to an individual, make it so that clothes can't be shared or resold without the majority of profit going to the manufacturer. Or food, yes food should'nt be shared as it cuts into the profits of the industry. How about movies, damn movies should only be watched with a maximum of three people and never loaned out since it hurts Hollywood so much!
Your right, and thats why all those used games and sharing and borrowing have caused the industry to only profit in the billions instead of TRILLIONS! And all those people who find employment selling used games are just a bunch of rotten leeches and anyone looking to sell something they bought and paid for are just greedy bastards, how dare they make money on something that has ALREADY MADE THE COMPANY MONEY.
Oh, and lets not forget about the people that trade in used games to buy new ones, they're the worst! Trying to support an industry by giving up something old for something new, what kind of market is that!?!
Your argument holds less water than a tennis racket, spits in the face of customer rights and promises profits not from innovation but by simply reworking the system to a companies own design for their own benefit, much like the banks in 2008. And we all know how that worked out.
edit* To argue your 'you own the disc not the software' you own the license to use that software and resell it if you so choose. And if this is going to make new games SO CHEAP why hasn't it worked for the movie industry? Everytime I go to find a digital download of a movie it's MORE expensive than the physical copy and has less options as far as what I can do with it.

NextGen24Gamer2502d ago

Your comparissons don't work!

You own the physical disc, you don't own the content/software on the disc! Period.

You will be able to trade your game in. As soon as you do, it will be uninstalled from your hard drive or cloud server. Details will be released soon.

I'm so happy MS is taking the lead on this. For years we have been spoiled and it has hurt the game developers & publishers. This will drive costs down for games and that's a win for REAL Gamers!

rainslacker2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

I am now convinced that you work for EA. This is the kind of stupid BS that they would say. Are you sure you aren't John Riccitiello, because that is the exact kind of thing that he implies every time he opens his mouth.

I'm sorry, but games are a consumer product. As such it is up to the producers of games to sell to us what we want, not what they want. If we don't want it, we don't buy it. Simple as that.

We don't want the stuff they're currently proposing. If they are OK with losing our business, then so be it. But never should you insinuate that the consumer is in the wrong. That the consumers aren't the ones already supporting these companies. You think just because some publisher whines over 2nd hand sales, that it's OK for them to remove our choice? They've restricted our choice to either putting up with their BS, or quitting all together. That is a choice that to many gamers is like putting a gun to their head and telling them to decide. It's just wrong, immoral, and anti-consumer.

No, we are not spoiled. These publishers have become spoiled because it's so obvious that they are doing what they think they can get away with, because we as gamers have allowed them to push this crap on us for way too long.

Where the hell is the bubble down option for "stupid as F*"

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SOULJER2502d ago

The fleecing of america.

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