Mirror's Edge 2 for Xbox One listed also on Amazon IT

After Amazon De, Mirror's Edge 2 for Xbox One appears also on Amazon Italy. It is really an Xbox One exclusive?

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ltachiUchiha3469d ago

It will prolly end up coming to all next ten platforms including current gen systems.

Fierce Musashi3469d ago

It better. I refuse to buy 1984's version of the cable box just to play Mirror's Edge 2.

ltachiUchiha3469d ago

Lol geez why so harsh? Haha jokes.

Aceman183469d ago

i know i won't be paying 400-500 for a system just to play this one game. EA needs to pay for their tactics and the only way for this to happen is for us gamers to show them we will not take their crap.

if we can show them with low sales numbers they'll get the message.

Caffo013469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

it will come to ps3 and ps4 as well, but if it won't ( and that's almost impossible) you will be able to play it on pc like almost all xbox "exclusives"...

extermin8or3469d ago

Anyone see the irony if it was MS exclusive- after all mirrors edge is based in a world where the state have full control and are watching everything etc :p

The_Blue3469d ago

Then don't.

I plan on getting both, no fanboyism round here. ;)

Fierce Musashi3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

I hope you're not implying my comment was made out of some sort of fanboyism, because it wasn't. I'm put off by the fact that it has so many potential privacy invasive features (mostly Kinect 2 based) and that it is likely going to send private information and/or living-room activities to MS or whoever.


omi25p3469d ago

Why in the hell would anyone spend millions of dollars and millions of man hours working to spy on people sat staring blankly at a screen hold a controller.Or flailing the're arms around playing Kinect.

You arent that interesting for a multibillion dollar company to spy on you.

Also private living room activity's?

Microsoft Boss "So what is user Fierce Musashi doing at this very moment?"

Microsoft Employee "Well Sir. They are sat playing a game sir"

Microsoft Boss " Excellent, Are plans for WORLD DOMINATION are coming together"

Fierce Musashi3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Yeah, I guess you're right. Maybe I jumped the gun too soon. I shouldn't at all be alarmed at the fact that this thing has a heart-rate sensor, can read facial expression, is always listening (which could posibly hear out buzz-words) even when "turned-off", etc. which could, for all we know, be linked to accounts of the console.

Yeah, It's not like MS or anyone they are connected with is interested in anything their mass user-base is saying or doing on their services.

Can you please forgive me?.........

By the way, it's called: "Collecting Information". It doesn't matter how miniscule it may seem. If you trust it, fine by me, but not I. I will not hold it against you.



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The_Blue3469d ago

Yeah, if the PS4 comes included with the EYE.

Which it may, given the fact the move was a fail.

OlgerO3469d ago

Yeah why would a company like EA start making exclusives.

-Superman-3469d ago

Mirror Edge is one of the best games(IMO).
I really loved this feel, running on rooftops, sunshine, great music, world is fully white. You can´t find any game like that.

TI_213469d ago

I actually believe that it will be exclusive, there were rumors that Xbox will get an exclusive EA title and I doubt that it will be the next title from Respawn.

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tigertron3469d ago

As long as EA doesn't mess this up, it'll be a day one buy on the PS4.

Mac is OK3469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

The rumor I heard was that it was an exclusive, and that it uses Kinect.
Edit: to clarify, I heard that on IGN's last podcast Beyond.

The_Blue3469d ago

Yes, can't wait.


(Watch butthurt disagrees) lol

Jinryo3469d ago

Can't wait for E3 and some news about ME2. One of my the most anticipated games.

wantonGamer3469d ago

EA will put this game on every system and it's mother. But an unveiling at the MS conference would raise my eyebrow I suppose.

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