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GameTrailers: "Fuse’s fastidious rebranding quite literally urges you to look away from the cartoon caricatures of its past and towards the shiny muzzle flare of its super-powered weaponry, teeing up an apt analogy for the ultimate product of Overstrike’s dogged journey to the finish line. Some might see it as an enjoyable co-op shooter with a sci-fi bent, some as an exercise of wasted potential. We imagine that it stands as a science experiment for if yet another unremarkable sixty dollar shooting gallery can sell - Insomniac’s solid track record points to a positive outcome, but this might be a case where the catalyst just isn’t strong enough."

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Chapulin2504d ago

I tried to get interested in this shooter but I just couldn't. I wish they would make Resistance 4 for the PS4 thou.

LOGICWINS2504d ago

If theres a Resistance 4, it would have to be a new set of aliens in some timeline set like 50 years in the future or something with a new protagonist and new storyline. Resistance 3 ended the story very well. Resistance 4 would have to be a different resistance..not the Chimera.

Chapulin2503d ago

or play as the Chimera...