Top 3 Xbox One Unannounced Games To Slow Down The PS4 Momentum

TNB: All the hype surrounding the gaming device reduced once the Xbox One reveal event was concluded. It seems Microsoft didn't give gamers what they wanted to hear, negative PR took it toll and the steady momentum which was built on the hype meter began to shift. It was even reported that Sony's stock increased while that of Microsoft reduced few hours after the Xbox One was revealed

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ltachiUchiha2507d ago

Goodluck. Your going to need alot more heavy hitters to stop this bus.

Saigon2507d ago

When, I saw the 3 games, my first reaction was...that's it...Alan Wake 2, ok, but the other two are ho hum. Maybe its just me.

sengoku2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

come on halo 5 VS bungie's latest creation??
i'd rather give there latest creation a try.

and you know where they will be showing the gameplay of destiny first?? it's at E3 at the Sony PS4 stage.

so i dont think halo 5 will be stopping the sony train much.

Blackdeath_6632507d ago

they need new ip's to attract more fans. people who didn't own a 360 are probably not at all interested in halo5,alanwake2,and gears of war 4 since they haven't played the first instalments. if they want to continue an existing series they should change the name like killzone shadowfall because people who are unaware of/or haven't played the first three will approach the new killzone as a new game entirely not as an addition to the franchise that way they don't feel alienated or that they have to play the other 3 first.

also i really hope microsoft to carry this trend of recycling games with them to next gen i mean they are already at it with yet another forza. also if you do announce a new ip like quantum break at least explain what the fuck it is. ship crashing into a bridge makes no sense how do expect people to get excited about that?

fermcr2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Both PS4 and X1 are going to be successful (i think)... but as of now the PS4 has my preference simply because the NO always online and it allows used games (i hope !).

Out of those games, Halo 5 and Gears 4 (probably) are coming soon (2014 ???). As for Alan Wake 2 it's not coming out any time soon, since Remedy are working on Quantum Break... unless Quantum Break is Alan Wake 2.

dendenmooshi2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

The list is Gears, Alan Wake, and Halo at #1.

If that's really the list, then I would very much disagree. It would mean X1 has no chance next gen. X1 has to do much, much better than that.

Halo has a large fanbase, but Microsoft has already shown what they have of it. TV. When Xbox 360 came out, they were riding Halo. Now I'm wondering if they can come up with something besides CoD timed exclusive DLC.

NumOnePS3FanBoy2507d ago

I love Gears, I think Halo is the most overrated POS game ever, and Alan Wake seems to be the freshest thing to come out on xbox in years. But after creating a prequel to gears and it wrapping up with 3, i think, where else can the series go? That list btw is a pretty sorry A** list.

Clover9042507d ago

Alan Wake is definitely one of my favorite games this generation, and the only game I missed when I sold my Xbox and went ps3. When I decided I'm for sure picking up the ps4, the only remorse I had was the fact that I wouldn't be able to play Alan Wake 2. And then this came out...

Goodbye Microsoft. You killed the only exclusive franchise you had that I loved.

lilbrat232507d ago

The dude who wrote the article is delusional. But I guess he needs to have some small hope even if its a lie. LOL

Campy da Camper2507d ago

Give me new Infamous, LBP and a new Uncharted with fallout 4 and watchdogs multiplat over this list any day.

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KingKelloggTheWH2507d ago

While I love halo its popularity is pretty low compared to what it was before.As for Gears same thing,and alan

They really need a HUGE new IP,they have the resources they should use them!
Besides it would take more than 3 games to slow down a console with tons of huge games already shown.

Wizziokid2507d ago

So sequels, no new IPs?

While I love Halo and Alan Wake it's not going to make me run out for the Xbox One besides I'll end up getting Alan Wake 2 for PC

Whitey2k2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

alan wake wont slow down ps4 GoW and Halo will boost sales but then again ps4 can gain momentum with a rumour of Kindom of hearts and final fantasy exclusive to ps4 which could slow down the xbox

ziggurcat2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

apart from alan wake (which i loved), that list is pretty LOL.

three cheers for the xbox status quo!

they need really unique, NEW IPs, not the same, old, same, old if they're going to slow down PS4's momentum.

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