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Lucas Siegel says: When The Last of Us was revealed at the Sony PlayStation media briefing at E3 2012, the initial demo ended with a point-blank shotgun blast to the face and the demoer, from Sony in-house developer Naughty Dog, literally dropping the controller like a rapper who just lyrically punished his opponent in a battle. The demo made a statement: The PlayStation 3 is not dead, and you haven’t even considered what Naughty Dog is capable of on this console.

The most impressive part of the demo – the part that lingered with me, however, was the way the enemy AI seemed to react to what was happening. Surely that was just part of the demo. After all, truly reactive dialogue and planning by AI, both enemy and assistive, would be nearly impossible and surely unprecedented.

Well, Naughty Dog has done it, and its only one of several impressive things I saw in a special two-hour hands-on demo with The Last of Us in a swanky New York hotel suite.

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ltachiUchiha2500d ago

This game is worth the season pass, I dont care what anyone says. If it was a game u loved, u know u would buy it too. Also call of duty dlc is like $15 and thats just for a few maps. This is for added story & multiplayer dlc where u get 3 dlc's for $20 plus your not forced to buy it. U can wait until the price drops or just wait until its free. I want it now & its worth it because the games going to be a goty contender. Also for those complaining, bioshock infinite did it & no one complained. So why complain now? Now if i was forced to buy it & wasnt a big fan of naughty dog i can understand but we dont have to buy it.

KingofGambling2500d ago

Here here, I'm definitely buying this game and for sure getting that season pass.

ArmGunar2500d ago

I'm gonna buy this game but not the season pass, as usual :)

Panthers2500d ago

I love NaughtyDog, but the fact that they are already planning on adding story before the game releases bothers me a lot.

ltachiUchiha2500d ago

Everyone has their own opinion & ill respect that but for me if this was just a few maps & an extra character then that wouldn't be worth it but since its added story, maybe like a side mission or who knows & added multiplayer dlc. Remember there are 3 dlc's packed with stuff so the story dlc alone is something id like more companies to do for story driven games. I would not mind it in beyond two souls, mass effect, & any other story driven game. Thats just my opinion though, everyone is different.

famoussasjohn2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

There's a point in development where they have to complete the actual story content and begin developing DLC content. I'd say most developers follow this. (Mass Effect 3 is exempt from this since Bioware didn't expect people to poop all over the ending.)

elhebbo162500d ago

We hate season pass, but if its from are favorite developers then its ok -_-. I dunno but I like knowing what I'm buying into before hand EVEN if its from a great Dev team like ND. I already got ripped off by gearbox with BL2 (great game, DLC meh).

PCGamingNoobs2500d ago

i can understand why people don't like this announcing DLC before the release it is slightly disappointing. especially with story dlc, you wouldn't go and buy a film then be told you need to buy the extras to find out more of the story, you want everything about that story in that one film.

but either way the game will be awesome, and ill probably wait till the first DLC comes out to make up my mind to see what they are offering.

Why o why2500d ago

That happens with film trilogies all the time, lotr, star wars etc.....I do agree with you though. Its a pity it couldn't be crammed in if they're so sure of what it is.. side arcs are one thing but things that complete the main story aren't kool. Time will tell what it is

Bathyj2500d ago

I dont know why everyones just assuming theyre leaving some massive chuck of the main story out to sell in as DLC. The SP campaign will be a complete story and it will be brilliant. Sure it could end setting up a sequel leaving room for a whole new game or even 2 but theyre not going to leave a couple hours gameplay off the retail game. Its Naughty Dog, have a little faith.

The DLC will be its own little story or side arc. For all we know you play as Ellie before she meet Joel, or maybe as Joel when the outbreak occurred and you get to play abit of his seedy past. ND said they have heaps of ideas to splinter off from in this world so stop being so cynical.

Everything we've seen or heard about this game has been gold right from the start so I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt its going to be a complete masterpiece.

Williamson2500d ago

I'm gonna have to stay off this site when this game releases so I can avoid all the troll reviews trying to bash this game, and also so I can play this work of art.

Rhomiel2500d ago

Single Player DLC is great when it's as immersive as the rest of the game and tells you more about the lore of the world like Dark Souls did with their DLC.It was 15$ for 1 DLC so whats 15$ for 3! I'm sure ND won't dissapoint.