DUST 514 is Kicking My Butt, and I'm Loving It | CDG

CDG: "Dust 514 is a subway tunnel system. Each objective leading to a new destination. DUST 514 takes players to a galaxy far away, and it connects them with EVE Online. EVE Online is a different beast altogether. They two games are however, coupled together like siamese twins. "

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KingKelloggTheWH2498d ago

This game is very fun,the beta did not do it justice!

ltachiUchiha2498d ago

Yeah thats usually what happens even with demo's u can hurt potential sales if its an early build of the game. I think its why alot of games dont give early demos.

KingKelloggTheWH2498d ago

They should have been more careful with the beta,it was too open

ltachiUchiha2498d ago

Yeah i agree especially a game that huge but hopefully more ppl jump in or i hope they bring it to the ps4 aswell & let ps3 users play with ps4 users. Would be cool.

DethWish2498d ago

The beta wasn't for users to test the game it was for the developers to get additional feedback.

harbie2498d ago

Epic game in the making. Graphics & "feel" need a little work, but no other shooter in the world can even come close to the intricacy and depth of Dust. As this game evolves it will be a part of the history books as one of the greatest shooters of all time.

It ties into Eve and continues to deepen it's connection to Eve. Single economy coming soon between dust & eve. Already has clan battle mechanism in planetary conquest- which enables your corp & alliance to own planets and stake your claim.

Great combat, with lots of equipment, vehicles, and ways to achieve success. This games depth of RPG, future promise, iterative releases, with major updates every 3mos, interconnection to Eve, and amazing clan / corp systems- already cement it as the greatest shooter ever.

kneon2498d ago

I find the whole process of equipping a character unnecessarily more complex than it should be. For that reason alone I can't be bothered to spend much time on this game.

MysticStrummer2498d ago

Agreed. I keep trying to get into DUST but I'm turned off by the character equipping/upgrading, then once I get into a game the combat isn't nearly as exciting as other FPSs. I want to like it. I just don't.

TechnicianTed2498d ago

'already cement it as the greatest shooter ever. '

Lol, no.

r212498d ago

Love this F2P game. Working together with a team to take out opponents is just great :) My most played modes are skirmish and ambush.

windblowsagain2498d ago

It was the feel of it, felt slow and the action was abit meh.

Greatest shooter atm imo is BF3.

I would still love a game set in Jurassic times, where you can fly creatures, shoot fire/bombs etc, find and bit the persons head off mode.

Anything that's different is worth a look, I might have a look again.

MysticStrummer2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

BF3 was second this gen for me. MAG was the shooter I had the most fun and spent the most time with. Zipper had a good thing there and messed it up. I'm not really liking DUST at all but it's still on my hard drive so I'm sure I'll try it again eventually.

harbie2493d ago

WOW.... greatest shooter ever is SOCOM II. Get your brain straight son.

elhebbo162498d ago

didn't touch it since the beta, wasnt pleased. Im not sure of downloading it again.

mrmarvel292498d ago

I say give it another shot. I thought the beta was pretty lame. Decided to give the game other go when it officially released, and now im loving it. But i can see why some people might not like it, though. Overall i am pleased with what they did with it.

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