Wii U Zapper: Twenty dollars to a better FPS experience?

With what is seemingly a cheap, plastic shell, Nintendo could advance the accessibility of in-home VR gameplay. It was briefly glimpsed at E3 in 2011, but the concept has stuck with me ever since.

The Wii U Zapper could potentially offer near Oculus Rift levels of immersion, and introduces a method of FPS control more intuitive, faster, and more accurate than any other.

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ltachiUchiha2507d ago

Lol thats a high tech zapper gun.

Cubits2507d ago

And yet it's just the guts of a classic controller stuck in a fake gun. In terms of value, it's pretty damned impressive.

ltachiUchiha2507d ago

Lol yup sure is. Aslong as it is on point then thats all that matters.

Neonridr2507d ago

I would have thought that this peripheral would have been perfect for a game like Sniper Elite V2.

But I think that utilizing the zapper this way would be awesome. I would buy it.

Cubits2507d ago

The Wii version of Sniper Elite V1 came bundled with that huge rifle, this would have worked so much better!

But apparently the whole Wii U V2 release is a complete farce. And to think i was hyped for it after the devs spoke up. :/

Neonridr2507d ago

what do you mean the Wii U V2 release is a complete farce?

Cubits2507d ago

I saw an article about how V2 was missing all of the DLC, all of the multiplayer, and was being sold at full retail. It's a stripped-out port of a year old game. :/

gazgriff2k122507d ago

this could be done with ps vita and ps sharpshooter