Five small ways to make COD Ghosts better

Ask any Call of Duty fan and they’ll tell you that the base game play of any Call of Duty title, while not changing a significant amount between titles, is pretty tight as it is when it comes to controls and simplicity of learning. This list is not going to be about major things in the game, but small ‘pet peeves’ that a lot of people have about the games multiplayer. A way to make a player’s experience a little less annoying.

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ltachiUchiha2499d ago

Give it a break maybe? Lol nah I just hope they add some new things to it. Maybe u can use the enemy as a shield in multiplayer. Just an idea.

Utalkin2me2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Well it seems the problem with COD most of the time. They take a step forward but at the same type take 2 steps back. Just like Blops2 for instance, made ghost if you was sitting or standing still you would show up on UAV. Which i thought was a good adjustment for that perk. So now were trying to get people to run around, but lets put 5 million head glitches for people to camp behind in each map.

They did something good, but implemented something that was twice as worse. Trying to make it to easy for the casuals. So i feel Ghost will be no different, cause it hasn't changed in the past. So why change now?

ltachiUchiha2499d ago

I know what you mean. I dont think it will change much either because its fanbase seems to enjoy it so why would they scrap it all if it sells so many copies. The dog audition looks cool, hopefully it can be a great story to go behing this new COD but i wouldnt count on it. We might see the dog or be able to be a dog in the multiplayer or it may come to your aid when u go on a streak or they can use him as a perk to sniff out enemy traps or be on alert for those who like to camp & snipe. Just some ideas on the top of my head. Would be cool.

aim4dabushiz2499d ago

well i do that with my teammates already...

csreynolds2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I feel this article is premature - I mean, we've only seen the reveal trailer for Ghosts thus far. No info has been disclosed re: multiplayer, servers, game modes, hosting etc. Sure, we can all make assumptions based on past Call of Duty games, but let's not start hating on IW's new CoD before there's valid reason to. Innocent until proven guilty and all that...

Biohazard88602499d ago

The game has dogs we now need cat's.

aim4dabushiz2499d ago

I'll give you 5 WORDS to make the game better... DO NOT BUY THE GAME! you'll see how fast this game improves!

venom062499d ago

how about a REAL NEW ENGINE, like the one we've been lied to about by the marketing hype train... stop lying and saying it's new when you KNOW its just a tweaked version of the engine people are getting tired of...

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