Can consoles survive the mobile onslaught?

Many in the industry have predicted that mobile gaming will crush consoles. Aaron Carlisle wonders whether that is really likely.

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zeal0us2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

While the hardware might be catching up but the demand for high-end games are still low. There really isn't any demand for high end games on mobile platforms. Games that make the most money on the mobile end are games like Angry Birds and Temple Run not Infinity Blade and Shadowgun.

When I play games on my phone or tablet I want something simple and easy. Something that I can play for ten minutes or more then move on. If I want to play a game for hours I will turn on my console or pc.

ltachiUchiha2503d ago

Exactly, if u were to throw a full game like mass effect on a phone for $50+ it will not sell unless ppl are willing to play a game like that on a small screen which i think fits a tv instead. Just my opinion but as u said mobile phones will only do well with angry birds, tetris etc etc. The demand for triple A games isnt there. Thats why i believe consoles will be around for a while.

decrypt2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

Agreed, as of today the demand for high end games on mobile platforms inst there. However i think it would be amazing if mobiles got to the level where they have the power to be hooked up to TVs (they already can be since most of them have HDMI).

All we would need is wireless remotes and the Mobile to be plugged in to a power source so it doesnt run out of batteries.

As of today Mobiles are only a threat to casual base. However with the static nature of consoles being locked down to the same hardware for near a decade, it could be very possible that mobile hardware gets powerful enough to rival the next consoles in a couple of years and from there on even gain acceptability (if we do see software making its way to the mobiles). Games that are designed to be played with controller, not just touch screen games.

If we get games designed to be played with controller and Mobiles get hooked up to TVs. They could possibly become a threat in the future.


Smartphones already have HDMI, the game would just need to support controller. Hence in the long run it is very possible to use a smartphone as a mini console. Smartphone power increases every year, and is growing at ridiculous levels due to all the investment available at that sales volume. With consoles being static for so long its not hard to imagine smartphones rivaling consoles in power. At which point many of us would rather have one device do all instead of buying so much different hardware.

Hell i would like to have a smartphone run a Proper OS with mouse and Keyboard support. Linked up to a monitor at my work place, Hence i wouldnt need a laptop for any more.

ONESHOTV22503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

stop the crap phone will reach its limit one day there is no need for consoles to worry....

BlueDodger3232503d ago

What onslaught? Please... ipad gaming will never compare to gaming consoles or Pc's

tubers2503d ago

Maybe in a decade or three LOL.

spdarksky2503d ago

Console Gaming is console gaming.

Mobile Gaming is mobile gaming.

I play mobile games when i lie on my bed, waiting for trains, in the toilet, etc.

I play console/pc games when i'm on my couch with my wife and kids or when i want to have good times with my friends.

Both were different set of entertainment medium, we can't compare the two together. It's just nonsense.

byeGollum2503d ago

mobile gaming is just another of many options. There's no competition.

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The story is too old to be commented.