Displaced LA NOIRE staff forms new studio

Former staff of Team Bondi and Kennedy Mitchell Miller (KMM) have started up a new indie studio in Sydney, Australia called Intuitive Game Studios. LA Noire design lead Alex Carlyle set up the studio with storyboard artist Kelly Baigent, after we heard last month that KMM had shut down its game division

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Syntax-Error2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

These are the studios they should be buying to develop exclusives just as Sony does. Games sell consoles...period. Sony has the right idea by recognizing talented studios and funding them to make amazing exclusives. I would gobble this studio up in a heartbeat instead of paying the NFL $400M

dasbeer882504d ago

No, no, NO!!
I must buy an Xbox One so that I can watch television. Games come second for me. :)

Snookies122504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Well said, Microsoft really needs to focus on getting some exclusive studios that will pump out fresh new IPs. I love Halo and Forza, but when it's the only thing I have to look forward to on Xbox, that's not a very good sign. Their E3 has to focus on some new IPs, and not Kinect-centric ones.

More on topic though, congrats to these guys. LA Noire was a very interesting and original game. Happy they've found some work!

DarkBlood2503d ago

oh hell no are you out of your mind? this is Xbox one we are talking about i dont want my games useless after 20 years lol

Commodore_2504d ago

This studio is a gold mine. If I was Microsoft or Sony I wouldn't be hesitating to purchase this studio.