Impending Epic E3 Battle: PS4 Games vs. Xbox One Games

The only E3 battle that anyone seems to care about right now is obvious: PS4 exclusive software vs. Xbox One exclusive software. So, who wins...?

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KingKelloggTheWH2500d ago

We already know a few of Sony's big ones like Killzong,Infamous,knack.

Then theres all the other ones like a New Naughty Dog game,or Santa monicas and probably even more like Last Guardian or maybe even Versus 13(if that rumor is true)

With MS we know there will probably be Halo and Fable as well as Ryse and Forza,then they have all the kinect games if youre into that sorta thing.

The battle should be fun to watch.

RyuCloudStrife2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Well hope fully M$ can show some games E3 (other than Kinect games, I mean), if not SONY will sweep them..... again.

gamertk4212500d ago

Killzong does sound good.

Iceman_Nightmare2500d ago

I want a Conker Bad Fur Day sequel, which Microsoft wont let Rare make. a perfect dark sequel would be great too. Now it seems like SONY PS4 has the best games, and thats why PS4 is the console im planning to get. Driveclub looks amazing, even better than the graphics of Granturismo 6... Granturismo 6 looks better than FORZA 5, what a shame for Microsoft. GT6 is on PS3 by the way

Godmars2902500d ago

At this point Killer Instinct seems more likely. But honestly, given fighters of today what can it bring to the table but is name? It would likely need twice as many new characters as the original roster alone.

Iceman_Nightmare2499d ago

Dude, I don't want Killer Instinct. There has been a lot of fighting games out recently.. mortal kombat 9, Injustice God Among us, Tekken series, Dead or Alive 5, and PlayStation All Stars. At E3 they will show Super Smash Bros Universe probably... I think Rare is much better of creating a game with a squirrel that looks like a kids game,but in reality is a mature game with bunch of badwords. Fun multiplayer like the N64 version, fun storymode like the N64 version, and maybe a CO OP while they are at it will make it perfect. Since its conkers, its not only a third person shooter.. its also racing, bank robbery, dinosaurs like the N64 had. Do something other games are not doing. The problem with the gaming industry now a days is that most of all the games releasing looks exactly like each other. So many FPS games, so cliche. So many fighting games, so cliche. Anything I've seen come close to CONKERS idea and failed badly was NAughtybear.. Naughtybear sucked! If they would have made it like CONKERS BAD FUR DAY it would have sold so many copies.

PigPen2500d ago

Microsoft will win in the long run. E3 is anyone guess.

Jaqen_Hghar2500d ago

just like this gen...oh wait

Hicken2500d ago

A man has always been pretty funny.

PigPen2500d ago

It's different now for Sony, wouldn't you agree. Microsoft will do what it's doing now with its 15 exclusives. I will love to here Sony announce just 10.

Jaqen_Hghar2500d ago

A man has already seen over 10 exclusives for WiiU and PS4 announced 4 at their February reveal and you know they saved a lot for E3. A man wouldn't be surprised.

Godmars2902500d ago

And still, someone of XB1's exclusives are going to be "wasted" on proving or making Kinect a viable device. There's also family/party games to consider.

S2Killinit2500d ago

History betrays your comment. Playstation is the one that wins if you go by what has happened in the past.
they threw a number in your face, it would be very naiive indeed, if you take their word for it. I bet you they wont even have trailers for all fifteen of those "exclusives"

BlueDodger3232500d ago

Halo is a realy good exclusive and microsoft needs more games that good. Sony has lots of games for every type of gamer so sony is already Winning.

medman2500d ago

Man, I can't wait for E3! I'm really looking forward to seeing the new Ip's Sony and Microsoft will be trotting out. I'm also looking forward to maybe seeing teaser's for the next versions of Uncharted or God of War on the PS4.

Jaqen_Hghar2500d ago

A man doubts Gears of GoW will be showing up because they just had games released in March.

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