Microsoft on Xbox One: We Are Definitely Listening to Feedback

Sony isn't the only one listening closely to fan feedback.

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Majin-vegeta2497d ago

We'll find out come E3.No Drm,used game fee,kinect required,no online check evry 24 hours etc.....

Lionheart3772497d ago

Hopefully. Not sure just how much will be confirmed at the show.

JokesOnYou2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )


No Majin-vegeta don't confuse what xbox fans want with what known sonyfanboys who were never going to buy the X1 anyway want. Most xbox fans are not worried Kinect will spy on them, as you can see in the feedback forums, twitter etc and remember sonyfanboys said the same thing about the original Kinect yet none of that BS ever came true "Kinect Is Spying On You" 938d ago Vast majority of xbox gamers are online, multiplayer is huge on xbox and oh look all these sonyfanboys complaining have internet too or are you guys always typing that nonsense from your cell phones? lol, Now what most xbox supporters want is for them to fix the used game DRM/fee. Check the forums.

Unicron2497d ago

I think there's a very real chance data will be collected whether you like it or not on both consoles. Did you know trophies and achievements were used in such a way?

I'm tempted to go retro the more I hear about next gen.

Rainstorm812497d ago


I dont know why u have so many disagrees..sucker punch said they looked at trophy data to determine which ending was played the most to gauge which way the story for second son would go.

Although trophy data I dont mind at all



I won't disagree with you that people shouldn't generalize their own concerns as everyone else's. But that said, those are their concerns and you have no say in whether someone's going to buy it or not, also there a concern in how used games fee and what not would affect the whole gaming industry (not just Xbox One) so it is still a valid questioning, doesn't matter from who it comes.

This very article shows we should indeed be vocal, even more 'cause we are not asking MS to remove features that would harm other fans, but to make this stuff optional. The only think everyone wants to see go away (even you apparently) is blocking used games, and here the heat is not only MS, but also in Sony and even more in 3rd party publishers...

JokesOnYou2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Agreed bishop, what I mean is there are often lots of different concerns gamers have if you read forums and if the console manufacturer actually listened to every single nitpick from every single gamer they would never finalize their plans, fact is you can't please everybody furthermore as a company you have to have a healthy balance between listening to feedback and following your company vision of whats best for your product, in that regard I believe what seems to be most frustrating to the core/majority of xbox fans is the initial used game policy as stated by Phil Spencer, therefore its in microsofts best interest to listen and try to do something to resolve the issue, but trying to appease every gripe, especially from those that likely are fans of another brand simply trying to railroad the discussion due to their own agenda would be counter productive/never ending.

The small minority that yells the loudest aren't necessarily the most important, recognizing/differentiating between those who have consistently contributed helpful feedback both negative and positive/history over the years and listening/considering their recommendations produces far higher quality results/changes than listening to every random individual on the internet. The reality is microsoft has got to draw the line somewhere or risk being held back from making progress.

auragenz2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Now we're listening to the Horde of Internet Cry Babies?

Let's see where this goes.

Rainstorm812497d ago


i agree 100%, you look at games this gen like Uncharted 2 MP where they listened to the miniority a lowered the health in a patch which screwed the MP before a few patches got it in order.

Listening to feedback and losing track of their vision for the XB1 need to be avoided. IMO the feature set isnt the issue, its the DRM and 24 hour check ins.

Im fully content to wait it out in the current gen til they get this stuff worked out..But im sure Sony and MS will give us full disclosure on their plans at E3.....The one that doesnt wont get my money and if neither are clear, hey GTA5, Batman, Beyond 2 souls, BF4 and AC Black flag all on current gen this Fall

AngelicIceDiamond2497d ago

Of course MS is, why wouldn't they? They wanna make the XBO as great as possible.

Just like the other console manufactures.

SilentNegotiator2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )


The average Xbox gamer does NOT want DRM or mandatory kinect.

You can't spin that no matter how hard you try by focusing on the surveillance conspiracy. Majin-vegeta didn't even mention that.

Veneno2497d ago


Sorry but you are just plain wrong. The gaming community at large has spoken about how much it is against Microsoft's Xbone's requirements. I know you have issues with the N4G community but you REALLY need to go to other web communities and see just how upset gamers are over this.

You always always declare fanboyism, but guess what , every gamer is a potential buyer whether you like it or not.

nix2497d ago

after you buy ONE they'll be listening to you even more.

TXIDarkAvenger2496d ago

Every rumor has to be cleared at E3 2013. Seriously, MS will lose so many customers if they don't address this ASAP.

JokesOnYou2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

nah I have 25 agrees on my above post thats like every known xbox fan on this site thats a record, sort of like getting 1000 agrees from the sony supporters on this site which means I'm right and you are wrong end of discussion.

lol, seriously though I dont see many of those on n4g or the xbox forums with a history of supporting 360 up in arms about always on.

indysurfn2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

Where are all these fake xbox fans? I'm a xbox fan look at the comments of people like me that say they where xbox fans from before 2013 and you will see it is true I was a xbox defending fan. Microsoft can cross reference xboxfans emails with there own major nelson website. And xbox live accounts. They know it is not just Sony fans! You are in denial like Microsoft was previously! Sony fans do NOT make up 90% of the console fans. Last time I checked in the USA Microsoft has more fans and yet most of the comments here are NOT pro the consoles POLICIES. Are you telling me you dont care about losing resale value and being force to go to a group of designated retailers to sale your game? HAVE to have internet to play a game or watch tv? Are you kidding me? HEAD OUT THE SAND STOP SELLING YOURSELF OUT!

JokesOnYou2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

indysurfin you don't speak for ALL xbox fans any more than I do, and based on most of the well known xbox forums I've visited there is NOT a lot of dislike for always online (from usual/long term site members of xbox forums, micros not stupid they recognize new accounts that just show up to troll the threads) which is what I pointed out above, also it is perfectly revelant to note that on an extremely pro sony website that I've noticed that the majority of those who have clearly been fans of the 360 are NOT upset about always online, while vice versa its no coincidence the most negative about X1 are those with a CLEAR undeniable history of hate toward Microsoft/360, yet you actually question why I don't take them seriously.

lol I never said ALL xbox fans feel as I do, hell everybody will never ALL agree on anything, you could say the Sun is hot and somebody would disagree doesn't make it any less true. I'm generalizing but for the most part its true, and its not even close on n4g. If I had my head in the sand then I would have not emailed Microsoft directly voicing my complaints over used game drm, I would not have comment on xbox feedback forums my complaints about used game drm, I would not have tweeted my complaints about used game drm on twitter and I sure is hell wouldn't have said countless time on n4g that I hate the idea of used game fees, but I know BS when I see it and many on this site don't give a shiii about xbox brand or the new console they just want to complain about EVERYTHING. -If me highlighting all the BS and hypocrisy bothers you then you might want to just skip my posts in the future 'cause like it or not, call me what you like, but I'm going to keep stating MY opinion. The disagree button is your friend.

vega2752496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

have a bub+

i totally agree you what your saying. as a longtime xbox supporter many of the issues most fanboys have are largely from sony fanboys and not xbox gamers.from the way the console looks to the way a executive came on stage with a smile on his's a problem for sonyfanboys. yes DRM/fee's are the major issues everyone can agree on. everything else isn't that much of a concern.

as for always online(which will be with Multiplayer)I've don't really have a problem with it since i have to do the same with steam and even when i do take it offline. i still have to go back online for updates. which is something many so-called gamers and lovers of steam have no problem with at all.

my problem which I'm sure many have stated time and time again is to be clear on their position on how they will handle leading games to family and friends without a fee and kinect having to be connected. I know MS and sony want to play that "we will leave it up to the publisher" statement.

to be realistic "NO" publisher is going to say hey lets not charge a fee for our games being sold at gamestop or any other place that take trade ins. cause we just want to lose money. that just being idiotic.

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harkki862497d ago

if microsoft is listening to facebook, it means they will go ahead with used-game fee and always online most of my guy friends on facebook think xbox one is cool and even a few girls i know think the tv watching stuff is neat.

so yeah. im not getting one because i dont care about that stuff but even though it seems like microsoft is saying 'we are listening' in reality they are just listening to the people who agree with what xbox one is trying to do

Skips2497d ago


- "We Are Definitely Listening to Feedback"


- "LA LA LA LA!" *Blocks Youtube comments

dedicatedtogamers2497d ago

Yeah, that's kinda what I'm thinking, too. "Listening to feedback" does not magically erase the core philosophy that led to the creation of Xbox One in the first place. It also needs to be pointed out that every single key player who was responsible for the Xbox and 360 have left Microsoft.

prettycoolapps2497d ago

By listening are the referring to conversations being picked up on Kinect?

The idea of Microsoft "listening to feedback" is laughable. They've never done it before and wouldn't trust them to do it from here on in.

maniacmayhem2496d ago

There's a difference between listening to feedback and reading a bunch of trolls which I'm sure the youtube comments were full of.

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Docknoss2497d ago

I could care less about the DRM, the one time I traded my games in at gamestop I left feeling like I got raped. I don't care about a Kinect that's always on but I do care that's its mandatory I have one. I don't need or want tv, I have directv in four rooms. Xbox one can't do that without buying four of the dang things. The fact that all my XBLA games won't be transferable is my biggest complaint.

indysurfn2496d ago

When most people get rapped they dont give up there right to go somewhere else. They dont want to be forced to go to one of the rappers. Microsoft has already confirmed that they will have designated big store ONLY able to buy/sell used games.
Most people that get rapped don't agree to pay a fee to the designated rapper. But buying a xbone does just that you pay a fee.

Docknoss2493d ago

@Indysurfn, you used the word "Rapper" so much it became cliche. Nothing is concrete until the console is released. I've heard rumors of soby not allowing DRM is it true? No one knows.

ziggurcat2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

considering that they've already signed their partnership deal with EA, i doubt they'll go back on any of those things. EA didn't drop their online passes for no reason, you know... a fee for used games is probably the exact reason why they did away with the passes. so the only thing i can see happening is MS deciding to just *lessen* the fee amount.

edit: however, if they happen to do away with the fee altogether, i might actually start considering making a purchase.

indysurfn2491d ago

Listen to Microsoft press. Phil Harrison does say that with his own mouth, he is a high ranking VP.

Gamer-Z2497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )


Why would anybody disagree with you? truth be told if it wasn't for DRM, always online, and kinect stuff i would buy an Xbox One.

rainslacker2497d ago

Well if the feedback they're listening to is the ass-kissing I saw in the replies to the comment then I guess it doesn't matter.

Seriously though. If MS is truly listening we will see. Listening isn't the same as doing something about it, and that goes for Sony as well before people come in and call me a hypocrite.

Pl4sm42497d ago

how about simply no kinect at all .... then its a console lol

Aceman182497d ago

at this point i don't care if they are listening i know it's not gonna make a difference they'll still use these anti-consumer methods.

so for me i'll just hold off not getting their system for a few years since i already have a dvr cable box.

as for publishers like EA i think i'll just pass on their games, and maybe gamers will ban together and make EA paid for their business tactics.

titletownrelo2496d ago

M$ listening to us? well so is Kinect...

2v12496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

oh yes is like everyone wants to pay to play online for starts

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Arai2497d ago

How can they? I don't have a Kinect.

Godmars2902497d ago

But everyone will have one with the next Xbox. Everyone.

Apparently even the PS4 is getting one - which better be unplug-able...

ZodTheRipper2497d ago

Did you just seriously compare the PSEye to Kinect?

Godmars2902497d ago

But is feedback they want to hear honestly feedback?

phantomexe2497d ago

I got MSs feedback right here ,,/,, (thats real muture there i know) just saying what most of us are thinking.

izumo_lee2497d ago

If they are listening to feedback why disable the comment section of your youtube channel?

This is just more sidestepping & tap dancing from Microsoft.

Mr_Nuts2497d ago

Exactly, Microsoft just like to contradict themselves it seems

Omar912497d ago (Edited 2497d ago )

Maybe it was getting to vulgar and aggressive with the comments? Idk that could be a reason.

Mr_Nuts2497d ago

True, but it is Youtube when is there not vulgar and aggressive comments.

MysticStrummer2497d ago

YouTube does get that way most of the time, it seems.

OT - I hope MS is listening, for the sake of their fans here and elsewhere. Some of the possibilities raised by their own patents are just plain wrong.