Celebrating the Music of Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush was one of the more interesting titles to come out in 2012. While it was ultimately plagued by control issues, it made for a suitable introduction to the Playstation Vita. It's soundtrack, however, was exceptional.

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Goro2503d ago

I just got the platinum in Gravity Rush a couple of hours ago...decent game but it's soundtrack sucked, very dull and boring but i guess that's just my opinion

dafegamer2502d ago

you must be trolling son <_<

Goro2502d ago

I am serious, If you want a good game soundtrack play Yakuzaz

Knushwood Butt2501d ago


I haven't played it for months, but can still remember that violin / string heavy music that plays in one of the areas.

Goro2501d ago

That's what i hated...

Knushwood Butt2501d ago

I can appreciate you not liking that track, but, 'sucked', 'dull', and, 'boring', just don't apply.

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sherimae24132503d ago

i waiting for gravith rush 2 to be announced at tgs this year! ^_^

psp2roundup2503d ago

Getting back into GR now, it has really clicked this time around and I want to go exploring all the nooks and crannies, the music isn't really essential to the experience though, but still an amazing game to play.

2502d ago
Williamson2502d ago

I listen to the music from gravity rush quite often, such beautiful music. I want GR2 to be jampacked with content since its something I want to play for a long time.

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