Xbox One: The promise to deliver 15 exclusives but no one flinched…why?

Console ControllUs: But the truth is gamers were hurt, so even though it should’ve been expected no one could’ve truly known that it would go down this way. Actually I believe gamers were hoping those rumors, speculations and unconfirmed confirmations were false, even those reporting were probably in the back of their mind hoping and begging to be wrong; that all they heard thus far was a utter lie and what they have been encouraged all those months to expect would somehow end with Microsoft shocking the world; silencing their critics by showing their stance — that they are indeed primarily a gaming machine. That didn’t happen but what did happen should’ve encouraged the gaming world; the promise to deliver 15 exclusives, but no one flinched…why?

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FrigidDARKNESS2508d ago

Article is totally fanboyish and a troll thread
Never heard of he website.

zeal0us2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Reread it, it doesn't seem "totally fanboyish or trolling: in the least". I don't see "Xbone sucks get PS4 or 4>1" anywhere within the article.
15 exclusives and 6 new ips. Meaning nine of them are from franchise already know. So Forza, PGR, Halo, Gears, Fable, Dance Central, Crackdown and two popular kinect games.

Six new ips meaning possibly more shooters, racers or kinect games and that game from Techland. I really wouldn't get my hope up for a JRPG or RPG being one of those new ips.

colonel1792507d ago

Out of the 15, we only know about Forza 5 and Ryse. What else has been confirmed?

They also have Destiny, Assassin's Creed 4, and Call of Duty.

What esle?

Mustang300C20122507d ago

Actually it is 15 Microsoft Studio exclusives with 8 not 6 as new IPs.

GusBricker2507d ago

As long as CoD: Ghosts is a launch title, the Xbox One will sell.

The 1st party games are just gravy.

amiga-man2507d ago

You can only laugh at posters like FrigidDARKNESS calling something Fanboyish lol.

As for games I have said before that unless M$ change their anti consumer ideas, Paying for online, DRM, 24 hour check in, Kinect always on etc then it doesn't matter what games they offer, as long as Sony doesn't try any of that crap it will be PS4 for me.

Why o why2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

The 15 will be a mix of core, kinect and xbla games. Some are sceptical about the ratio of each as ms has made grandiose claims before. Lets give em a chance. Lets see what they've got. Exclusives are good.

I'm noticing some are now bringing these 15 exclusives up as ammo and lauding them now....the irony yeah. Digs at the hypocrisy aside, this is good. Exclusives help differentiate one console from the next and tend to make better use of any given hardware. If there were no exclusives they'd be no point owning more than 1 console especially the consoles are similar.

MikeMyers2507d ago

The article isn't fanboyish, it's a legitimate concern. They could very well be made up of Kinect only or Arcade games. So far 2 games would be part of that 15, that is Forza 5 and Quantum Break. Microsoft has been busy building new studios and have said they invested 1 billion dollars into games. Well just have to see what they are.

pompombrum2507d ago

We've heard claims before and left disappointed wishing we had 2 hours of our life back from their previous E3 shows.

I raised an eyebrow at the mention of 15 exclusives and 8 new IPs initially but that soon turned into me thinking at least half of them will be watered down kinect family games.

andibandit2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

i heard 4 of the exclusives are:
H.D. remake's of:
E.T., from 1982
and SmashTV

and TV Simulator 3000

wong32332507d ago

I don't mind if they are Kinect games, as I am not against motion control per say. I just hope they are quality AAA titles. If half of the 15 claimed titles are AAA I think that would constitute the strongest launch line up in Xbox's short history.

wastedcells2506d ago

How many are kinect or live games. That's the big question.

Tapewurm2506d ago

@GusBricker all the "gravy" in the world can't cover up the taste of terd. MS has a lot of damage control on their hands and they need to give their customers what they far they haven't.

ThanatosDMC2506d ago

I just hope it's nothing Kinect related and caters to the hardcore.

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Maddens Raiders2507d ago

Horrible site layout, horrible editing... I couldn't do it... sorry.

thechosenone2507d ago

that video gave me diarrhea or it could have been the indian food I just ate, I'm not sure.

UNGR2506d ago

Change your name to dedicatedtosony, you can't even acknowledge good things Microsoft has done, regardless of how few of things that is.

ceballos77mx2507d ago

Wait weren't 15 unannounced and 12 or 13 were new ips so forza wasn't included in those 15.

Cueil2506d ago

It's in the first 12 months... so there is the Epic game that's rumored to be exclusive... there is Ryse... then not Alan Wake 2... those are 3 of the excusive new IPs... then we'll probably see a real Fabel game or maybe the MMO? Microsoft spend 1 billion dollars for games... they opened 5 or 6 studios around the world and hired a ton of poeple... also Black Tusk is making a new IP.... to many rumors for my taste, but I'm excited for Microsoft's E3

ChiaPet2506d ago

15 exclusives within the first year of Xbox One. 8 of them are new IPs (Intelligent Property).
Ryse (new)
Forza Motorsport 5(existing)
Quantum Break (new)

the rest are ambiguous

thechosenone2507d ago


where's my cookie?

nypifisel2507d ago

I'm just saying, if you honestly believe all 15 will be released within 12 months of launch you probably haven't been around very long.. unless most of them are smaller types of games, Kinect based etc.

So don't hold your breath

showtimefolks2507d ago

I don't believe that MS wanted to hold everything back for E3, i think the rumors few weeks backs were true that MS's development side is about 6 months behind in development.

so that's why we are seeing within 1st year and not so much just for launch.

but i am not gonna bash something just because we don't know much about games, yes we will get our forza,Halo etc, but 8 of these are new Ip's so let's wait till after E3 before saying most f its will be kinect crap

and that's coming from a pro sony/ps3-ps4 fan. We are sometimes too quick to jump the gun

E3 isn't that war away so we will know more soon enough

Sitdown2507d ago

1) Why would Microsoft want to reveal everything 3 weeks before E3? B2) What company would want to launch 15 games out of its studio around the same time? Competing with its own games.

showtimefolks2506d ago


did i say reveal everything? i said show 4-5 games is that asking for too much?

killacal132506d ago

Those 15 games promised will be spread throughout the console's life.

UNGR2506d ago

The first year of launch, actually. Troll. Give credit where it's due. It's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it remove all doubt.

Urusernamesucks2506d ago

They are frachises just to let ya know, so they will be releasef at launch and Through the cosoles life.

killacal132506d ago

@UNGR, Oh man, somebody else here is the fool for believing Microsoft will change, It seems you and all X1 fanmen turn blind and deaf every time Microsoft announces something bad about the one, so YOU should keep that silly mouth of yours shut trying to soun smart, when all those " exclusives" end up being the same recycled formulas, you'll be the one to regret speaking.

Bhuahahaha2506d ago

@frigid something
nope you're the one that acting like a fantrollboy.
i bet you just read the titleand its bad

you shout

"like i care what your reason for hating a xbone you just a fanboy" love it or if you hate it you're a fanboy" shit kinda stuff

NumOnePS3FanBoy2506d ago

So pretty much halo, gears, forza, fable, pgr, alan wake, dance central and the rest will be kinect ip's lol

MYSTERIO3602506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Im sure a number of these exclusives will be titles that MS have previously mentioned but didn't get around to publish. Games like Codename D, Crimson Dragon, Ryse along with PGR5 and Quantum break.

horne2422506d ago

Does anybody even know what trolling means anymore? It's not just people who have a polar viewpoint...

stage882506d ago

The whole 'wait until E3' thing isn't going to fly.

The console still have to be online ever 24 hrs, still has a mandatory camera and still has DRM on used games. Why bother about the games when the system is a definite no buy.

monkey nuts2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

As the once leader of the free world G. Bush almost said 'Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me'....................... ....

jmartin3212506d ago

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AnotherProGamer2508d ago

probably because some of those exclusives are Kinect and XBLA games

I mean recently they trademarked Xbox Fitness and Kinect One so that gives me a bad feeling on their E3

Moncole2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Just because a game is downloadable doesnt make it bad or less of a game. Some of the best games are digital only. Journey, Mark of the Ninja, Fez, Hotline Miami, Braid, Limbo, Super Meat Boy, Dont Starve, World of Goo, Pushmo, Trine 2 and etc.

HammadTheBeast2507d ago

Those games don't push sales much.

Think of them as appetizers, or dessert.

KwietStorm2507d ago


Sales? lol so what? Why are you concerned with numbers if a good game is a good game?

Reverent2507d ago

All of those games are indeed amazing, but they still don't quite stand up to full fledged 1st Party IPs like Uncharted or Halo. I can appreciate digital only titles, but they wouldn't be my personal priority over a game like Second Son for example (Being my most anticipated PS4 game).

grassyknoll2507d ago

All of those games are great. Downloadable titles are putting a lot of big budget titles to shame these days.

titletownrelo2507d ago

Battlefield 1943 was also downloadable. Loved that game.

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Irishguy952508d ago

It's possible some of them are Kinect games...which is know..15 might be less.

KillrateOmega2508d ago

Considering how heavily MS has been pushing Kinect in recent years and how prominent Kinect was during their reveal, it's only logical to conclude that a fair amount of those 15 exclusives are just Kinect shovelware.

Their past few E3s only support this notion.

Count2508d ago ShowReplies(5)
Foxhound9222507d ago

Yeah count never has any solid info for rebuttal. Just blind fanboyism.

TheSauce2508d ago

I wonder how this site will react if the exclusives actually look amazing.

2508d ago Replies(3)
Count2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Something along the lines of.. ''ehm urmm ehmm SONY'S WAS BETTER!!1''.

I'm sure Microsoft's offering will be quite amazing.

Foxhound9222507d ago

Yeah like their last 3 e3's? Quit the fanboy crap. Who knows what ms will bring but to say it will be amazing is such a leap of fanboy faith.

Nathaniel_Drake2507d ago

That would be awesome if the exclusives were actual different IP's not Kinect and brought a variety to the Xbox, then we would actually have a 3 horse race the first time since Nintendo, Sony, and Sega hit the scene

stuna12506d ago

Not gonna happen! Looking at the reveal with goggles off, it almost guaranteed that the games Microsoft are talking about will be family focused kinect titles! Just think about it for a moment!

Microsoft aims to take over the living room! What happens in most living room? Families gather, Friends gather! It is the central focus of most households.

Now look at the fact that the new redesigned controller barely received honorable mention even though it's supposed to be improved over it's predecessor! Instead Kinect was the main focus.

I'm not saying all of the announced games will be strictly kinect titles, but I'm sure most will try to implement kinect functionality to some degree.

Then look at when the first kinect was announced! Yes it announced to have 15 titles also.

People need to stop thinking Microsoft somehow are the savior s of the gaming industry, if anything they are leading to it's quick demise.

brave27heart2506d ago

Honestly, Im expecting Gears, Halo, Forza, Fable, Quantum Break, Ryse and 9 others, a mixture of XBL and Kinect, but even if they look good, I still wont buy it. Not because of DRM, used games or privacy issues, but because I look at the philosophies of Sony and MS for next gen and I believe Sony will deliver a better collection of gaming experiences and are more likely to bring things to the table Ive not seen before, such as LBP, Journey, Beyond etc from this gen.

I think MS will do just fine, they'll sell millions, particularly in the US, but Im strictly a gamer, all I want from a console is games and I believe Sonys approach will deliver the most varied enjoyable games.

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