ND on The Last of Us – You can pre-order the Digital Edition and the DLC Season Pass now

ND - "The Last of Us season pass and digital edition is now available for pre-order on the USA PlayStation®Store and will be available in other regions soon. "

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jc485733472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

these digital releases often make me rather nervous as it usually encourages me to buy physical because I don't want digital to completely take over physical media in the future. Last of Us is the kind of game you want to come back to years later, so you want to make sure you have at least a physical copy just in case your digital copy gets lost.

Omar913472d ago


I was debating on whether to buy it digitally this time. This would of been my first digital purchase, however I felt the same way you did. I'm more of a hands on type person so I like to have my physical copy. Plus this game needs to be kept at a display for how awesome it's going to be :)

jon12343472d ago

ive found the buying digital is more convenient and cheaper for me and my brother. since im on a sub account on my brothers acc and i cant change it to a master, he purchases the game and i give him half, this way we can both play it at the same time on our own ps3s

Rhomiel3472d ago

Same here although it's with a friend. I bought BDL2 so now its his time to buy hehe saves money but we end up buying more games so Sony or developers don't loose in the end.

Dir_en_grey3472d ago

I'll get the physical copy but what do you mean by "just in case your digital copy gets lost"?

Chances of scratched or damaged disk or getting it stolen, lost in fire or whatever might happen to a physical copy is still greater then a digital one.

I like the sense of owning a physical copy but your digital copy is there forever as long you remember your login and password to PSN

jc485733472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

what if the server goes down and your hdd becomes corrupted. btw, I take good care of my games and they look good in my library.

DoomeDx3472d ago

^ If your HDD gets corrupted..Re-download it? You can access your download history and download it again at all times.

jc485733472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

how do you redownload if sony shuts down psn for good? They've also confirmed that psn history doesn't carry over PS4. I know you can redownload them when psn is still available, but you guys are not thinking long run. You only own digital games forever if your hdd doesn't die.

Dissidia3472d ago


Your PSN information isn't tied to your harddrive, so you can re-download games whether your hard drive dies or not.

you're right about having access as long as PSN is available, but Sony isn't going to just drop PSN connectivity to PSN anytime soon.

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roland823472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

Need to remove the rating system for preorder games. It has been given a 5 star rating by over 30 people so far. So has the season pass

yesmynameissumo3472d ago

Season Pass purchased. Can. Not. Wait.

ziggurcat3472d ago

pre-ordered the game, gonna probably get the season pass once i sober up.


Can I play while I'm downloading? If so ill go digital

jon12343472d ago

apparently once you download 50 percent, you should be able too, but lets see how it works


50%? Lol let's not hope the game is 50gb lol

jon12343472d ago

yeah i hope not too, but im certain the game will become available to download at midnight so by the time we wake up a good 6 to 8 hours should get you 50 to 75 percent finished

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