Will Xbox One Ruin GameFly? GameFly Won't Say.

The video game industry has declared war against used games, and one of the biggest casualties might be GameFly, the video game by-mail rental service.

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FrigidDARKNESS2500d ago

Yes...dont gamestop owns or is the parent company of gamefl.
Rentals are considered as used games.

Muerte24942500d ago

would just purchase multiple copies of the game and link it to their account. It would pretty much function as it does now. When someone rents the game, it will remove it from Gamefly's account and add the user's. Once the disc is sent back, it will be removed from the user's account and added back to Gamefly's. Gamefly will have to keep an Xbox:ONE on at all times though and connected to the internet.

Dunpeal2500d ago

if that's the case then does the consumer have to pay a fee when connecting the rented game to their account or is that a fee that is paid to gamefly. this is all one giant mess?


so long as ms doesnt charge a fee on top of the delete, then this is on point.

ziggurcat2500d ago

... assuming that's how MS decides to implement that functionality.

imahustla192500d ago

gamefly wont have access to your system or account to de-authorize the code. people will send games back not de-auth'ed and people will get games they cant play. gamefly is going to have problems unless they get into digital rentals through microsoft and sony. thats the only way i see it working.when you buy its from microsoft when u rent its through gamefly...prolly with microsoft taking a cut of it.

Muerte24942500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Gamefly doesn't need direct access to your system. If you've read any of my messages you'd know I'm not a proponent of Xbox One. The facts are, once the disc is installing on another drive, it is then removed from the original account.Remember Xbox One checks in, aka syncs, every 24 hours. This is mandatory to check your inventory to see if a games has been added. If there is such a discrepancy, I would hope they allow you to tag the game as stolen. This would end up making that particular game unplayable.

@Dunpeal, there isn't a fee unless, like Gamefly already promotes, you wish to keep the game. Then you can pay for it. You'd probably receive an email with your registration code from Gamefly upon payment. This would actually be good for some people. You'd actually know who has your game and if your friend lends it to another person.

My problem is if you don't have an internet connection, or should your lose it, then all this is mute. Having an internet connection is such a key component of how Xbox:ONE works, that without it, the system itself seems useless.

Anyway hopes this clears up some of the confusion surround this, but doesn't matter to me. I plan on buying a ps4 anyway.

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reef10172500d ago

As a gamefly subscriber this sucks!

slpknt6sic62500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

This is how i imagined your reaction lol
"I'm angry. I'm--I'm spitting angry! I'm like a tornado of anger, swirling about!

My heart rate is dangerously high right now."

I know thats how I felt when I saw Microsoft unveiled the xbox one

Soldierone2500d ago

If anything their "special system" includes "rental" discs too.... Which is like movies.Very stripped down bare to the bones discs, doesn't even have art on the disc.

Like Netflix movies.

NameRemoved00172500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

They have no idea right now but my guess is that Microsofts going to try to charge them for copies with unlimited uses so your monthly fees will go up if you want xbox one games.

tweet752500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

if microsofts action does ruin gamefly ....I hope a huge lawsuit is placed on microsoft

Gh05t2500d ago

Okay I am as pissed as anyone about the idea of this DRM crap but a lawsuit?

What kind of communist are you?

Since when is its Microsoft's job to make sure Gamefly or Gamestop can stay in Business.

MajorLazer2500d ago

Lets keep it civilised by not calling anyone a communist, please.

Gh05t2500d ago

@Koyes and Tweet75

Forgive me let me withdraw and rephrase...

What are you, a communist?

There you go, no assumptions made.

ShwankyShpanky2500d ago

Since when was it Microsoft's job to make sure Netscape could stay in business?

If I recall, there was a lawsuit related to that. A lawsuit that MS lost/settled.

Opposing monopolistic/anti-competitive practices is not necessarily "communist."

Gh05t2500d ago (Edited 2500d ago )

Microsoft got sued for illegal practices of hindering the consumer of choice of web browser. Not even close to the same scenerio.

Since when does MS hold a monopoly in the video game market?

And the blatantly obvious fact that Gamefly nor Gamestop actually have their own product (They resell others products at least for the purpose of the topic of this article).

Not to mention that no developer is required to go through MS as they dont control the video game industry since they clearly arent a monopoly in this field. The developer can publish on PC, Android, Iphone, Nintendo, Sony... So yeah feel free to explain how this relates to the Netscape lawsuit of Antitrust.

If you are going to bring up an analogy at least make them match. Netscape was a competing browser and MS very intently pushing their internet explorer through windows and made it difficult to change browsers causing consumers to not benefit. They both were in direct competition with the same services.

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nukeitall2500d ago

Unfortunately,the first sale doctrine only states that you are allowed to rent your games, not that the copyright holder has to make it possible for you to rent, trade or lend the game to someone else.

If this was an issue in the first place, books, movies and music would be the first targets.

So I don't think this is even an issue for MS/Sony.

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