Blizzard delays unannounced MMO until 2016, resets whole project

Blizzard Entertainment, the game giant that makes a mint from the World of Warcraft online game, has had an unannounced massively multiplayer online game in the works for some time. But GamesBeat has learned that Blizzard has decided to push the reset button on the game.

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Relientk772507d ago

:-( I hope they get this 'Titan' done, I wanna see Warcraft 4

Tsuru2507d ago

Titan doesn't need to be done for a possible Warcraft 4. They have many game developers at any given time and they aren't all working on the same project.

Martywren2507d ago

It could be another warcraft, starcraft, or diablo

NYC_Gamer2507d ago

I can't even be upset since knew nothing about the game

DeadlyFire2506d ago

well now expect it to come to PS4 and XBone

RockYou2507d ago

Is it World of StarCraft?

vitullo312507d ago

You beat me to it!! Am i the only person who thinks that would be awesome

nukeitall2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I don't play MMO's, but I would try StarCraft MMO until I love it.

Also, Blizzard please give us StarCraft: Ghost! I hate you for abandoning it, because it looked freaken awesome.

JeffGrubb2507d ago

Man -- what happens at Blizzard.

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The story is too old to be commented.