Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep Preview I Expansive

There’s no doubt that Tiny Tina was one of the best new characters introduced in Borderlands 2. This remarkable thirteen year old can hold her own against any sadistic enemies wandering the wastelands. She also knows how to throw one hell of a tea party. So it’s no surprise that Gearbox have decided to bring her back for the latest Borderlands 2 content. Assault on Dragon’s Keep casts Tiny Tina back in the limelight and let me tell you, if you thought her tea parties were wild, then wait until you experience her board game sessions.

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NameRemoved00172501d ago

My question is will there be more DLCs

DarthJay2501d ago

I read an interview on Rev3 with Anthony Burch and he made it sound like this is the perfect ending place for the game, so it sounds unlikely.