GT 5 Vs GT 6 – Gameplay Comparison Video

Here is comparison video pitting the recently announced Gran Turismo 6 against its predecessor Gran Turismo 5. The video features raw gameplay footage from both versions.

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PirateThom2504d ago

The lighting and the shadows just make all the difference.

cyborg2504d ago

that's the most noticeable different for me as well.

jimbobwahey2504d ago

Might want to note that it is in fact not raw gameplay footage, because the GT6 footage is off-screen gameplay.

Larry L2504d ago

It's nice that it actually looks like AUTUMN on the Autumn Ring again.

Graphics wise, obviously more advanced AA is in play. It's an old builkd, right? So I don't want to make any judgements. But just based off of all the gameplay vids that came out of that event, I think when it comes to looking "realistic", it took a slight, almost un-noticable step back.....but all the polish has taken multiple steps forward. It'll more than likely look a even little better at launch.

All I know is the wait for this game is already killing me.

SolidStoner2504d ago

the looks of it is much improved, physics added new deeper simulations for tyres and suspension (and it looks its more easy to spin out now). the sound, very similar, but the gt6 video is recorded with cam, so cant say quite sure... (GT5 sound area is great, but it lacks the bass) some people might think sound is needing drastic changes, but in reality cheap sound systems makes it sound bad... or PD have to add more bass to it...

SonyWarrior2504d ago

i love the boat collision sounds... gt6 it too little to late im buying Drive club instead...

Boody-Bandit2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I'm getting both.
Best of both worlds.
Besides I know for a fact I have a wheel for the PS3. I have to wait on information from Sony and wheel manufacturers before knowing whether or not any current wheels are compatible.

I can't play racing games without a good wheel. It's just not the same. But I'm confident Sony will be compatible with existing wheels. They usually leave their peripheral compatibility open ended and not proprietary.

Larry L2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Nothing wrong with getting Drive Club. It's going to be a great game. But it's not really a replacement for GT6. Gameplay/physics wise, Drive Club is "arcade", not sim. That's from Evolution's mouth, it's sorta going to be Motorstorm on pavement with amazing social multi-player, not sim style racing, it's also touring racing, not circuit racing. Drive Club really isn't comparable to GT in that way.

There are no other console sim racers for next gen until Project Cars releases (assuming that's even going to be next-gen).....that is of course unless Forza is a "sim" in your opinion. And PCars isn't coming out till Spring 2014 as of now, and I'm pretty sure it will be delayed again until Fall 2014 knowing the physics standard they're trying to achieve, which is above and beyond where GT is right now.....that takes alot of time.

Maddens Raiders2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )


The lighting and shadows are markedly better. Richer coulors and the "lines" have much more fidelity meaning the instrument panel looks better, the dash, even the undulations and rubber markings on the road have greater detail now than 5. We all know the physics and vehicle feedback is going to be par excellence, but I think what some die hards like me want to know is what about the AI? Any tweaks there yet or will it be the same as 5 where the greatest opponents were always online?

Don't get me wrong... there are parts of the "game" that are simply impassable for a great many gamer but some of the more mundane parts of the sp have some mind numbing AI opponents just for the sake of it being the "beginning". I wish this part had a difficulty leveling system akin to an FPS, but I digress. It's not like I won't buy the damn thing anyway....smh.

This cannot come soon enough. I just wonder if they will let us "import" cars from GT5 to GT6 like they did w/ the PSP in any particular fashion? And if our "achievements" from GT5 will somehow be recognised and applied to GT, because lets face it... this "game" is a real slog to get through from scratch as I've done the last 5 proper iterations.

edit:/ @nnodley and @wishingW3L below -- you're both right, and no, the video does neither game justice. I just kicked on my copy of 5 and that video makes it look like it's GT4 instead of 5. Now that I think of it, 6 probably looks a whole lot better [running] than we think it is presently. With that said, I can't wait to get this demo into ma PS3 so I can see for myself.

nnodley2504d ago

-Lighting and shadows are a step above GT5.
-Texture quality is 10X's better than GT5.
-Not sure if it was the video but the aliasing in GT5 looks really bad.
-Interior is much more detailed.

wishingW3L2504d ago

right? I have GT5 and the game looks nowhere near this bad. There are so many jaggies here you can hardly see the road!

fr0sty2504d ago

the aliasing in gt5 isn't that bad, it was a poor capture.

nnodley2504d ago

That's what I thought. I have the game, but never paid attention to it that much and then they seemed horrible in this video.

GamerSciz2504d ago

This is more like how it looks. Still though they improved on GT6 and this isn't necessarily even the final build. I am impressed but would've also been fine waiting it out for a PS4 release.

fr0sty2503d ago

I do video production for a living. That aliased look is what happens when you poorly scale a video to a different resolution. Many video capture/ editing apps to a terrible job at scaling video.

wishingW3L2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

when people are going to understand that Youtube's video encoding sucks? You can't do a good video comparison with that crap. Even Vimeo's better than Youtube's video encoding, so why not use that one better?

There are so many jaggies here I thought I was watching GT2 on the PS1.

hiredhelp2504d ago

The jaggies have greatly improved despite video quality i can see that. GT2 seriously?

hiredhelp2504d ago

This is why lighting shadows and even the jaggies have been improved.

mixelon2504d ago

Apart from the fact that the PS3 doesn't do DirectX, and even if they did, DX11 isn't supported by 7 year old GPUs. ;)

DarkHeroZX2504d ago

Lol its comments like those that make N4G seem like a joke.

hiredhelp2503d ago

Wait i thought this was gonna be on PS4 aww [email protected] my bad teach me not read article. Still theve done something impressive. Remember how crytek took some features of crisis 3s. dx11 put it into the game for consoles.

PygmelionHunter2504d ago

Off-screen GT6 video vs horribly recorded GT5 video?


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