PS4 vs. Xbox One: Round 1 (Pre-E3 2013)

We pit the PS4 vs. Xbox One based on the information we know so far!

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BadboyCivic2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Its going to be a sad day when I have to tell all my Xbox live friends I won't be coming home anymore. I found someone new, she is smart, sexy and knows how to have fun, her name is PS4

BadboyCivic2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Why do I get a disagree for saying I'm getting a PS4?!?
Its like they disagree no matter what

MikeMyers2506d ago

I didn't disagree but to answer your question, yes, people will disagree about anything here. You also implied the PS4 knows how to have fun without even getting your hands on it and are you referring to the Xbox One not being fun?

I too look forward to the PS4 but what you said could be taken into context that the Xbox One won't be fun or smart. Just a thought on maybe why you got a disagree.

koh2506d ago

To put it a simpler way... people who support Microsoft disagreed, people who support Sony agreed. I hesitate to call either fanboys, but lord knows theres plenty of them here so it's possible. Myself, I'm certainly leaning towards the PS4, but I don't plan on making any decisions before I need to, which is still a handful of months away.

boldscot2506d ago

Ah but this is the way of N4G, you could share with everybody that you just completed a certain game and someone will disagree with it.
It makes no sense, but unfortunately a lot of people come on here just to click that disagree.

MrDead2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

I have to get a PS4 as I'm a poultry farmer and I deal with a lot of eggs. In the evening when I've collected the eggs I have to pack them and I like to do this whilst watching the TV. The problem is if I where to buy the Xbox One every time I say "Eggs Box" the system will assume I'm addressing it and end up turning itself on when I ask to put the EGGS BOX ON the table or turning off when I ask to take the EGGS BOX OFF the table or floor.

As you can tell I'm very upset that Microsoft didn't think of us poultry farmers when developing the system.

SpinalRemains2506d ago

She has the most luscious inner thighs too. I can run my tongue along playstation thighs for days! Wanna feed her grapes and go all Uncharted

Wow. I need my meds

What were we talkin about?

BadboyCivic2506d ago

Post E3 will yield the same results.
Too late at this point for MS to change strategy

Software_Lover2506d ago

I think I'm gonna be sick until these consoles release, and maybe for the rest of the year.

Anyone have any Pepto?

Bathyj2506d ago

Yeah, Im a bit sick of next gen already. Its only going to get worse too.

Shadow Flare2506d ago

Laughter is the best medicine

Stay tuned for Microsoft's E3 conference

Bathyj2506d ago

Oh you.
You must be right, I already feel better after that giggle.

Dunpeal2506d ago

Personally, I won't be happy until Microsoft is expunged from the console race. Not because I hate M$, but because I enjoy seeing the consumer take back some of his power and speak with his dollar. Also, I enjoy the drama of it all. It happened to Sega. It can happen to M$, not that I think it will happen any time soon.

BadboyCivic2506d ago

I see what you're saying. But competition is good for consumers

Majin-vegeta2506d ago

You're right.Lets kick M$ out and get Sega back in the console business

cyguration2506d ago


You can't get Sega back in the race, they had Sonic throw all their money on back-alley blow.

They're cash strapped now.

SpinalRemains2506d ago

Competition is awesome for us all. Ass rape? Not so much.

MS fanboys are actually to blame for all these obnoxious new fees and such. If they would have just listened instead of arguing, none of this would be an issue.


Count2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Wants Microsoft expunged. Uses MS with dollar sign.

''Not because I hate M$''

I think you hate MS.

Dunpeal2506d ago

lol but I really don't. I just used the "M$" for fun.

Hey if M$ shows to be all about gaming in the next gen then, like a few others have already said, competition is good for the consumers, and I'm all for that, but if they're gonna go the typical "let's nickel and dime the consumer to death with DRM route" then I wouldn't mind seeing them go

Hicken2505d ago

When very smart people draw conclusions, they do so after gathering a significant amount of pertinent data.

You used one comment out of (currently) 97, for about one percent. And not even the whole comment, as you ignored everything but what supported the view you wanted to posit.

I think you're not very good at this, Count.

killacal132506d ago

Couldn't agree more, PS4 and Wii u is all I need, the x sux one will still sell because in America people don't care if their privacy is taken from them, even if the PS4 has some form of DRM, it still has slightly better graphics, in my opinion better exclusives, no charge for online gaming , it's logo isn't green(I hate green ) JK, and it will not force a peripheral/spy device on me.

killacal132506d ago

Why the disagrees, butthurt much? tell me X1 fans, what exactly are you disagreeing with here an care to explain.

urwifeminder2506d ago

Sony should just leave gaming dinosaurs with no ideas.

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