The Daily Five: Mechanically Perfect Games

"When you break a game down to its nuts and bolts, though — free of its story, presentation, and anything else that isn’t part of the actual gameplay — it becomes a bit easier to quantify that. Not by much, mind you, but a bit easier nonetheless. And isn’t gameplay ultimately what matters?

With that in mind, here are five games with pitch perfect mechanics." - Joe Garcia

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kirbyu2504d ago

Portal sucks. Tetris is awesome.

chronoforce2504d ago

seems like glados actually managed to piss you off

kirbyu2504d ago

I've actually never played it.

cannon88002504d ago

You never played it and yet you say it sucks?

Conzul2504d ago

Tremulous, the MP-only humans-vs-aliens FPS

Picnic2504d ago

So basically mostly any simple game that relies on flow of action is 'mechanically perfect'. Thanks for that.

I think that you'll actually find that many games that don't have bugs in them are technically mechanically perfect because they do exactly what they are designed to do.