Used games, Twitter complaints, and Sony: Why the Xbox One “backlash” doesn’t matter

PA:It’s important to remember that the things we don’t know about how the Xbox One will handle things like used games and accounts outnumber the things we do know. Many are outraged, and some are taking to social networks to let Sony know that they want support for used games, and they don’t want any form of DRM on the PlayStation 4.

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NYC_Gamer2506d ago

I believe publishers are going to push forward with DRM regardless of rants on gaming forums

SpideySpeakz2506d ago

Yes. They're going to force consumers to accept it by putting these restrictions on both consoles. We are actually seeing the early death of the pre-owned game market. It was fun while it lasted, but I knew years ago this would inevitably happen.

koolaid2512506d ago Show
ziggurcat2506d ago

@ koolaid251:

if you're one of those idiots that think that you can go into gamestop expecting to get full retail value for a game you're trading in, you're just fooling yourself.

places like this have allowed me to not only get my PS vita entirely for free (in fact, i ended up with $5 in my pocket) as well as several other new games for free (or a mere a fraction of the retail cost) because you can often get triple the trade-in value to put towards new games/hardware. i also once paid for a game that was on sale during xmas, traded it in 3 months later once i was completely done with it and ended up getting more money back for the trade-in than what i originally paid.

they're not "raping" you if you actually do your research before going in... it's really just a failure on your part to understand that games depreciate in value over time.

Sono4212506d ago

Either I don't fully understand or all of this complaining is %100 justified. Okay so if I go buy a used game from some store for lets say.. $20? Now I get home and put it in the xbox one I have to pay a $60 fee? Or is the fee price not released yet? Because that would be horrible, you should just buy the game new.. it would cost less. Also what about rentals? This whole thing just doesn't make sense.

Technically if the fee is the cost of the game stores can't even sell used copies.. or atleast if they try to should be required to inform the consumer of the fee they'll be getting charged when they try to play.. but then who would buy it?

Wouldn't this also mean game prices won't drop over time? If the price is regulated by the fee, wouldn't Microsoft have to somehow update that to whatever software moderates the fee. From how it seems they now %100 regulate what the costs of the games are, the retailers used to atleast have control over used game prices but now that's not an option. This whole this is just... ugh..

Now onto another topic about Microsoft I want to get off my chest is the paying for live, I still can't believe they get away with it. Let me try to put it in perspective.. Alright so you bought yourself a phone and now your paying your monthly bill (let's just say $40 a month) and now let's say ontop of that bil they are going to make you pay an extra $60 a year to be able to use your phone.. would you pay it? Hell no because that's bogus.. well it's the same thing with live.. so I really don't understand how they get away with it. Consumers are so stupid.

FamilyGuy2506d ago


I completely forgot about renting games, there's no way you'll be able to rent on Xbox One!

Red box started having games and will never see X1 versions now, Gamefly will have to ignore X1 as well. That's crazy.

I personally don't rent games, I watch videos and play demos to make my purchasing decisions, but I do have a few friends that rent from gamefly. I suppose this helps the industry but it'll definitely have a negative effect on MircoSoft's user base.

S2Killinit2506d ago

Your only right in that if MS decides to incorporate this policy, they are going to be the ones that put their hands in your pocket (sure they may give some of that fee to the developers) Sony on the other hand, may decide to let the developers decide if they want to implement such a system on their games. Sony may not put it's hand into the consumers pockets, if they can help it.

FlyGuyHung2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

This "war" is going to be effin good. Next gen cant get here fast enough.

Game4life2506d ago

more intense than last gen (current)

joeorc2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

once again, if EA is giving microsoft first dibs on DLC what incentive is it for Sony to employ the DRM? if they do this EA is going to be loosing the ability to push if people refuse to buy The game on only one platform! the return on investment would be lower. and since playstation platform generates the most revenue for EA as a publisher they go where the money is. If EA push'es too much they may not have their current leadership for very long. they do not make hardware, they rely on other platforms to sell the software they publish! its bad enough Nintendo, if they would happen to loose Sony , because they demand DRM . That would effect the bottom line, i cannot even start about this, Sony already stated for drm employed it is up to the publisher how they want to employ. Sony already states 3rd party can self publish on the platform, both them and Nintendo, Microsoft has no self publishing! how is this even a talking point at this time. If EA wants to employ it they can , but that does not mean sony is requiring it across the board.

MICROSOFT has no self publishing from 3rd party publisher's!
they must go through Microsoft! no matter what!

ottoman_2392506d ago

I don't buy used games, so I don't care.

LordZ2506d ago

I guess you don't borrow and don't lend to friends neither... douchebag.

FITgamer2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Im with you on not buying used games, i've never bought a used game, I keep every game i buy, but i am a Gamefly subscriber. There are many games i want to play, but frankly aren't worth the $60. My complaint with X1 is the mandatory install. There is no way Gamefly would have X1 games available being that they would have to pay to re-license the game, which would make subscriptions fees ridiculous. Also you rent the game then install it and its yours. I don't see how they could make that work.

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