Halo 5 on the Xbox One: What to Know and Expect

Gi - Speculation has been swirling around Halo 5 since a February 2011 news segment displayed an “Inside Halo 5″ placeholder graphic long before Halo 4 was even announced. Though, it was no secret that development would continue on one of the biggest franchises in gaming history. Now just six months after the release of Halo 4, the gaming world is abuzz with Halo 5 rumors and gossip. With the recent unveiling of the Xbox One and E3 just around the corner, gamers can soon expect big announcements from 343 Industries on their next entry in the seminal franchise.

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FrigidDARKNESS2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

I expect to see this demoed on MS cloud server technolgy. At e3?

aviator1892499d ago

Maybe at e3 2014, but we're definitely not going to see halo 5 at this year's e3.

JokesOnYou2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

yeah might announce it but it won't be out for at least another year....which I dont mind I want 343 to take their sweet time.

Count2499d ago

What to know: Great game

What to expect: Great game

first1NFANTRY2498d ago

What to know: It will play like the Halos before it

theWB272498d ago

Didn't know that's a bad thing considering it's one of the best playing FPS out there...should it not play like Halo, you know since it's Halo??

theEx1Le2498d ago

Kinda hoping for a massive jump in terms of graphics. I mean look at Killzone.

What they were able to get out of the 360 for Halo 4 was nothing short of excellent so I have no doubt that the next Halo will be just as good a jump.

UNGR2498d ago

Well if the MP is anything like Halo 4 it's a pass, and another year MLG will once again ignore the series. Tell me it's good all you want but 30K people a day compared to the hundred fifty thousand or so from the Halo 3 days, it's bad. I'd rather this E3 focus on new IP's, and if it has to be Halo make it a Halo 2 remaster.

Shadonic2498d ago

I agree with you, they added and fixed things like AA's and Ordinance. AA's could of worked in conjunction with Ordinance and the class creation system could of worked into that while keeping the equal starts. They just seems that when they got negative feedback from the big guys in MS on how there early builds were too much like Halo ( i know -_-) they went too far and made it almost completely identical to COD and it ruined the good things they brought to the table.

Even in weapons its sad because your used to seeing unique and out of this world weapons on the alien side but even there when they had some cool idea like a sort of stasis or shield gun they backed out and went with just normal weapons like the shotgun and stuff that function at a slight difference from the normal weapons with a different art style.

They have so much talent as a company and there wasting it by playing it too close to todays FPS ideas of being like COD to rake in that money to that point that they didnt really take any insight from real fans, the people who have spent the last 6 months ( 3 years if you count that people have been asking for a classic Halo return since Reach) trying to ask for the things they were promised or told would be there at launch. I dont want them to completely be rid with the things like AA's I just wnat them to remember what made Halo so great and where it came from.

UNGR2498d ago

The only class based system that worked with Halo was Invasion mode. Something Halo 4 sorely lacked. Invasion really felt like it belonged in Halo, what Halo 4 did was just wrong. If they stick with the Call of Duty base it's going to have yet another failure of a MP. Disagree all you want folks, 30K people a day is a massive failure for a Halo title. It's not because it's old or stale, It's because they broke a competitive formula that was one of the best for FPS games.

Shadonic2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

I agree invasion was fun I actually played some dudes h4 invasion was just like it without the covenant skins. At UNGR below, I would take invasion or firefight over that as well. The thing that really irritates me as that they really could easily recreate firefight using spartan ops since its basically that with a story. They relaid on the story and a bunch of numbers that no matter how you look at it doesnt translate into what players actually want. Its like what MS did with the XBOX one with stats on netflix and stuff. It's even sadder that when they did have a build that played like Halo and everyone liked it they decided to scrap it because it played too much like Halo -_- Logic ? none.

UNGR2498d ago

The covenant skins gave the game mode character. I'd take it over that pretentious overrated Spartan Ops any day. But at this point I don't trust 343. They knew exactly what we wanted, they gave us the opposite and wondered why we were mad. I don't expect improvement in Halo 5, I just hope it has it.

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The story is too old to be commented.