Nintendo, Wii U art thou?

Gi - Cheesy headlines aside. It is time to revisit Nintendo‘s current position in the console generation now that Microsoft has laid bare its plans with the Xbox One. As previously rumored, the newest Xbox will be sharing similar hardware with its bitter rival in the PlayStation 4. Both will be sporting an Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) GPU and CPU. Needless to say, Nintendo is sitting in a precarious position with hardware severely outdated along with the Wii U’s “must-have” appeal not the same as the original Wii.

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cyguration2498d ago

Obviously not in stock at Amazon UK...thanks to Microsoft.

NegativeCreepWA2498d ago

In a box, waiting to be sold on Craigslist.

TheSkullkid2498d ago Show
MNGamer-N2498d ago

All of your toothless relatives are waiting for a price cut before they can use their welfare checks to pick up the latest console. After they get it at their local Walmart, they will wipe their kids boogers on the clothes as they are leaving the store then they will get into their rusted out 1986 econline van with no muffler and leave a cloud of black smoke as they run over the curb and spill their beer. After they get home they open the box and play their lovely new Wii U.

PigPen2498d ago

HaHa Yeah, keep it coming!

sean_352498d ago

Thats a very negative stereo type you are attributing to the unemployed but high pricing does not only affect them there are people in this world who work and dont earn a high income eigther. As an editor it would serve you better to put across valid points on the hardware you are talking about, rather then judging people who's situation you are unaware of to get your view across.

Aquarhane2498d ago

Wii u will be fine, it doesn't goof like the xbox one does.

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