How Microsoft screwed itself for the next generation of video game consoles

VB - Microsoft’s Xbox One announcement last week was supposed to be big, shocking, and amazing. It was supposed to blow the PlayStation 4 reveal out of the water and take everyone by surprise. It was supposed to prove all of the Xbox naysayers wrong. But it didn’t. In fact, it went as bad — a mess of mixed messaging and a focus on everything but games.

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PigPen2504d ago

UGH, Microsoft will be find. It only had one reveal, give it E3 to start the doom articles.

SpinalRemains2504d ago

I think the games will be solid as always. Its the fees and redundancyof them that has ppl pissed off.

Ome thing to charge for multiplayer, but now you have to pay a myriad of other fees for used games and even 1p due to 24 hr lock. Its messed up. The direction is evil and hurts all gamers.