Insomniac Games has no brain

There will be more Fuse games - Ted Price is talking about the future of Fuse. They are making more of it.

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jc485732506d ago

i guess they want to compete against other third person shooters in the future.

Jinryo2506d ago

"In the future" - maybe. "Now" - hard to achieve.

aCasualGamer2504d ago

I'll say it again, when you sell your soul to the devil don't come whining when your games don't sell as much as they used to.

Insomniac should never have gotten into business with EA.

ShoryukenII2504d ago

LOL'd at the story title. But, it really is true.

I remember with Resistance 3, they seemed very bitter towards Sony for some reason. It's their bitterness that's eaten their brain.

The same thing happened to Ninja Theory and guess what they're doing now... iOS.

One4U2504d ago

As a huge insomniac fan , i really hope they just drop the FUSE franchise and make another TPS instead !

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zeal0us2506d ago

The same reason Square Enix made a 13-2 and 13-3 even though no one asked for it.

extermin8or2504d ago

what that they are going senile in their old age and needed to replace a few managers?

user55757082504d ago

ugh idk how you make 2 sequels to a game that received so many negative reactions. then versus XIII gets all the positive reactions and we hear nothing about it for years.

grailly2504d ago

there's a R&C movie coming out in 2015, having a new R&C game around that time would make sense.

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ajax172506d ago

I'd rather have another Resistance game from them.

Calm Down Sunshine2504d ago

As long as it feels more like the first game than the sequels.. *shudder*

This team seems to be going steadily downhill. Which doesn't really make sense with their record so far.

TheFirstClassic2504d ago

Resistance 3 had an excellent campaign, though the multiplayer was lacking.

Megaplaynate2504d ago

Coop on Resistance 2 was awesome, and campaign had its moments, though the lack of weapons really hurt the game.

Enemy2504d ago

Another Resistance with the atmosphere of the Fall of Man would be glorious.

Knushwood Butt2504d ago

Yeah, I'd happily play through that again.

ltachiUchiha2506d ago

Well hope this one sells well for them despite the average reviews.

Alos882504d ago

I hope the opposite, Insomniac shouldn't automatically be successful just because of excellence in the past, if anthing if this sells well it will encourage them not to try harder in the future.

Jdoki2504d ago

Agreed Alos88 - a developer is only as good as their last game.

TheFirstClassic2504d ago

I hope it does poor enough that they decide to do better in the future, but no so bad that it hurts their business too much.

strigoi8142504d ago

Well working with EA makes that a no brainer

MoreRPG2504d ago

They should go back to Ratchet and Clank

Enemy2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Or a new IP. Forget about Fuse altogether as it's going to bomb harder than everything else this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.